Buckskin (1968)

“Boy if you don’t want a mouthful of boot keep your mouth shut.”

That’s a hell of a line delivered by lawman Barry Sullivan in this slightly better than average A.C. 706 more words

Daily Take

Todd's Dark Desk of Noir: Queen Bee (1955)

Today, the Dark Desk takes a look at this noir drama for the O Canada! blogathon, starring Joan Crawford and featuring Canadian actors Fay Wray and John Ireland. 27 more words


Code name of US secret agent Ken Thurston (Barry Sullivan) as he performed spy missions of daring around the globe on the espionage series THE MAN CALLED X/SYN/1955-56. 22 more words


Tall Man, The

Deputy Sheriff Pat Garrett (Barry Sullivan) earned this title because he stood tall and firm against all dishonesty in Lincoln County, New Mexico in the 1870s. 516 more words


Forty Guns: An Unconventional 1950's Western

Forty Guns is western B movie from 1957 that was written and directed by Simon Fuller and showcases a style and strong female presence that was certainly ahead of its time. 1,021 more words


How to Steal the World (1968, Sutton Roley)

It takes a long seventy-five minutes to get there, but How to Steal the World does have some good moments in its finale. World is a theatrical release of a “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” television two-parter. 690 more words