My Classic Movie Pick: 1947's Framed

My sweet mother-in-law loves all things techy and loves gadgets.  I really think my husband and his brother inherited their engineering skills from her!  A couple years ago, when ipads were brand new products on the American market, she bought one.   851 more words


The Allied Artists Blogathon: Dragoon Wells Massacre (1957).

Directed by Harold Schuster
Produced by Lindsley Parsons
Screenplay by Warren Douglas
From a story by Oliver Drake
Director Of Photography: William Clothier

Cast: Barry Sullivan (Link Ferris), Dennis OKeefe (Capt. 837 more words


Remembering Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon: Forty Guns (1957)

Today’s post is part of the Remembering Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon, as hosted by In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood. Please head over to that blog to check out some of the other awesome content celebrating the life and acting of one of the great actresses of classic Hollywood! 577 more words


Forty Guns (1957) Sam Fuller

   Sam Fuller’s background as a newspaper reporter is always evident in his films visual style. They always jump off the screen like the morning headlines. Fuller’s 1957 western begins exactly in that same fashion sucking you in right from its opening shot. 1,003 more words


Amazon Update No. 13: "Cause for Alarm"

Nepotism may be problematic in terms of morality, but it sometimes works out for the best. We watched an example the other night: The 1951 film… 527 more words


Shark! (1969)

As the sixties drew to a close and Burt Reynolds was on the cusp on super stardom, he turned up in this muddled thriller from the prolific Samuel Fuller. 627 more words

Daily Take

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

John Ince, actor & director (1878-1947)

Henry MacRae, director, producer & screenwriter (1876-1944)
Muriel George, singer & actress (1883-1965)
Michael Chekhov, actor, director & author (1891-1955) 54 more words

Classic Hollywood Birthdays