The Joel McCrea Blogathon: The Outriders (1950) By Guest Blogger Blake Lucas.

Directed by Roy Rowland
Produced by Richard Goldstone
Story and Screenplay by Irving Ravetch
Cinematography: Charles Schoenbaum
Art Direction: Preston Ames and Cedric Gibbons
Set Decoration: Edwin B. 1,862 more words


The Joel McCrea Blogathon.

The character Joel McCrea played in so many of his Westerns was a confident, moral man — absolutely true to his word (even when he was an outlaw). 298 more words

Randolph Scott

The Bad and the Beautiful (1952)

This is a movie about the movie business and the not so nice people who make movies. But as the main character says, “Don’t worry. Some of the best movies are made by people working together who hate each other’s guts.” 912 more words

Classic Film Club


Originally published in the Winter 2016 edition of NOIR CITY E-magazine

Back alley bayous and quicksand-seeped quarrels aren’t the typical fodder for classical film noir, but renowned B-director Joseph H. 244 more words

Film Reviews

The Human Factor (1975)

The Human Factor
1975 / Colour / 95 m. / UK
Starring: George Kennedy, John Mills, Raf Vallone, Barry Sullivan, Rita Tushingham, Tom Hunter, Shane Rimmer, Haydee Politoff, Arthur Franz, Fiamma Verges… 1,344 more words

Film Review

Review: Tension

Tension is a classic film noir from 1949, directed by John Berry based on a story by John D. Klorer. Both had great movie careers, but neither did much in the noir genre outside this film. 350 more words


My Classic Movie Pick: 1947's Framed

My sweet mother-in-law loves all things techy and loves gadgets.  I really think my husband and his brother inherited their engineering skills from her!  A couple years ago, when ipads were brand new products on the American market, she bought one.   851 more words