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Today's Thought: You've Got to Eat

The Blessing of Adversity: To receive proper spiritual nourishment, we need daily exposure to God’s Word

Daily Thoughts

A scientific standard of evidence

by Dr Barry R. Clarke

Having been engaged in the Shakespeare authorship question for many years, and having witnessed various arguments that have been put forward for various contestants, I have to say that I have grown to become less interested in the answer to the question ‘Who contributed to this particular Shakespeare work?’ than in how the answer is to be established beyond reasonable doubt. 1,214 more words


Jane Hutt for the Vale of Glamorgan

Teams of supporters go out all over the Vale of Glamorgan three times a day in support of Jane Hutt’s re-election campaign. Others, like Eve, Jean and John work hard in the office

Jane's Campaign

All over the Vale of Glamorgan people are supporting Jane Hutt in her campaign to be re-elected on 5th May

Barry Whale Does A BIG Splash

I wanted to paint the first Barry Whale, but was scared of ruining it, so I knocked out a second 5 min test Illustration last night. 63 more words


Today's Thought: Small but Massive Harvest

The Blessing of Adversity: Surprisingly, fragments of time used consistently can bring a bountiful harvest

Daily Thoughts

Barry Whale

Meet Barry Whale.

Barry Whale joined us one night at my daughter’s bath time. Barry Whale likes Jam Cake and small girls with clean teeth. 33 more words