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Today's Thought: Ordinary Folk, Extraordinary Results

The Blessing of Adversity: Time and again, I’ve seen people with ordinary talents possess a constancy of purpose that enabled them to achieve far more than their more gifted colleagues

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Edwin the Elf meets Truman the Troll and Barry the Bat

I’m still working on the story but I’d like to introduce you to my new little character Truman the Troll.  Above Truman you will see his little friend Barry the Bat. 89 more words

Today's Thought: Constant

The Blessing of Adversity: Those who learn to celebrate their troubles will produce constancy from their hardships and overcome their tough times

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The Red Shadow Hunt(A Pokemon Paul Love Story Part 2)

Bright and early the next day, all the hunters were gathered outside the castle gates waiting for their king’s blessing to be bestowed on them before they left. 3,958 more words

Love Story

The Red Shadow Hunt(A Pokemon Paul Love Story Part 1)

The large doors were pushed open and entered a ratty young man in dirty and torn trousers, shirt, gloves, and cape came in.

“Aw, you’ve returned.” The king who sat perched high on his throne mused, “I was expecting you back much later.” 1,528 more words

Love Story

Today's Thought: Root of Success

The Blessing of Adversity: King David succeeded because of constancy of purpose

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Flash Mask Cosplay Streak Barry Helmet PVC Adult New

Shopping on the web is an excellent selection for you to definitely take into account. That lets you acquire a lot of discounts while offering. You’ll be able to surf some websites spot the purchase much like your requirements. 235 more words