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Today's Thought: Prayer's Nature

The Blessing of Adversity: That is the nature of true prayer. It is not to change God, but to transform you and me, making us surrender our wills to the One who hung the stars in space.

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I was gonna give this a 4. Yet this tingling feeling of pride said, ‘you take out that one star!’

This is the 2nd book of the trilogy. 764 more words


Today's Thought: Complete Trust Means

The Blessing of Adversity: When you trust God to pray for you, you honor Him by suggesting that your trust in Him is so complete that you’ll leave the results to His loving providence

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Today's Thought: Foolish Control

The Blessing of Adversity: Refusing to relinquish control to God is foolish because He knows what the future holds and we don’t

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Today's Thought: Need for Trust

The Blessing of Adversity: God wants us to trust Him to order our steps and direct our paths

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Today's Thought: Trial Lessons

The Blessing of Adversity: Trials humble us, puncturing our pride and bringing us to greater dependence on God

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What Is the Cost of Probate?

What Is the Cost of Probate? from Barry D Horowitz A noticeable portion of the estate can be swallowed up during probate. These expenditures reduce the inheritances that will be received by the heirs. 15 more words