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Today's Thought: Ignore the Noise

The Blessing of Adversity: To turn life’s pains into gains, sometimes you must ignore the opposition

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Today's Thought: Surprised?

The Blessing of Adversity: He is never surprised by the variety of events that occur in our world

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Today's Thought: Priority ONE

The Blessing of Adversity: To seek God’s Kingdom first means making His will our first priority

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This man saved his best friend's life by giving him one of his kidneys

Kaid Mohammed l(left) donated his kidney to his childhood friend, John Relf, who needed a live kidney donor

They have been best friends since childhood and were best man at each other’s weddings but now one has saved the other’s life by being his live kidney donor. 370 more words


Today's Thought: Secret to Victory

The Blessing of Adversity: Jesus encourages us to win over worry by trusting God for life’s lesser things

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Today's Thought: Its Pointless!

The Blessing of Adversity: Worry is often pointless; most of the things I have worried about have never happened

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