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My Top 5 Wetherspoon Pub in London

Restaurants and bars chains can get a lot of flak with its the standardised menu and homogeneous interiors.

A pub chain Wetherspoon may be, not all branches are exactly the same.  739 more words


MOMMI Restaurant in Clapham: The Good and the Bad :(

Fusion restaurants intrigue me for its ability to create some truly unique dishes by combining two cuisines. MOMMI in Clapham in south London is such restaurant, marrying  Japanese flair with Peruvian flavours. 583 more words


Bokan: A Swanky London Sky Bar and Restaurant in Canary Wharf

Who doesn’t love a restaurant with a view? For those who love the high life (i.e. everyone) Bokan is swanky sky bar & restaurant with an outside rooftop terrace in Canary Wharf. 715 more words


A few words about Bone Daddies in High Street Kensington,

On my next stop in my culinary quest to find my favourite ramen bar in London, I visited Bone Daddies in well-heeled Kensington.

I don’t find myself in Kensington often and was only in the area to visit the… 646 more words


Tonkotsu, Soho - My Favourite Ramen Bar?

Unlike my new years’ resolution to get fit, which has predictably paled away into non-existence (it’s not even the end of January!), my cravings for the steaming bowl of Japanese goodness has yet to be satiated and following on from my recent trip to… 726 more words

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I Got Beat By The Devastator :(

If you have ever met me in real-life, my portly figure would suggest to you someone who can handle his food.

We’ve all seen the… 815 more words


Açai moja niezapomniana chwila przyjemności. / Açai my unforgettable moment of enjoyment.

English version under the pictures.

Açai jest najbardziej odżywczym owocem na świecie. To bomba pełna witamin i minerałów. Przeznaczony w szczególności dla osób  o wzmożonym wysiłku fizycznym. 800 more words