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S'more Bars

Awe, did you know that August 10th is National S’mores Day? Who even knew there was such a glorious day? And I missed it… Oh well, better late to the party than not at all. 405 more words


Maple Pecan Squares - plus the Power of One

Mix together some maple syrup, pecans, brown sugar, butter, a little salt, a bit of flour and a couple of eggs and magic happens.  You end up with these delicious bars with a soft sweet centre, a shortbread crust and a maple pecan top to enjoy any time you like.   683 more words


Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

It is incredible the combination of chocolate, whether milk, semisweet or dark, plus creamy sweet butter and white, golden or brown sugar can combine with a few other ingredients and create a new sweet treat every time. 186 more words


peanut butter toffee bar

Sometimes there are those perfect moments when you aim to recreate one of your favourite foods and then it turns out even better than you hoped. 7 more words


Happy 2015 - Have a Brownie

Difficult to believe it is the start of a new year once again.  So no need to burden ourselves with unreasonable resolutions we know will be difficult to adhere to throughout the coming months. 235 more words


Healthy chocolate chip blondie bars

A chickpea walks into a bar

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking, “How in the world does the chickpea have anything to do with those beautiful blondies I’m staring at?!” And once I tell you that little ol’ chickpea is the base for this recipe, you’re going to question how they can possibly taste even a tad bit good. 476 more words


M&M Bars and George Clooney!?

Have you ever seen George Clooney with his shirt off?  Not sure why this question has been plaguing me since his marriage to the beautiful Amal but as we know there is no explanation for the workings of my mind. 703 more words