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The Pride of Spitalfields

3 Heneage St, London E1 5LJ

Tube: Aldgate East

+44 (0)20 7247 8933

In the ever-changing London, there’s one place you can always count on to send you back to the authentic London roots and that’s… 328 more words


Vegan Blondie Bars

I love a solid baking or cooking challenge – veganizing and freeing of gluten are two that I do frequently.  With food allergies and diet preferences abundant in my circles, I have come to embrace this style of preparing food. 332 more words


first stop: atlantic city

Before bidding adieu to the east coast, we headed north to Atlantic City, New Jersey to see the Atlantic Ocean one last time before spending a week in New York City. 1,216 more words

On The Road

An Enchanting Epiphany

A poised pandemonium, conscious in my conscience

This guilt that is groaning and moaning, making me wince

Trying to find some solace in this evading bliss… 132 more words

Trip down forgot me lane

I don’t think anyone truly understands a home reunion until they have to drive their drunk cousin home after being accosted by their middle school boyfriend. 162 more words


Modă de te lingi pe degete sau Gucci take-away

“Spune-mi ce mănânci și am să-ți spun cine ești” spunea la un moment dat un domn. Mâncarea este ceva sacru pentru mulți dintre noi, sau doar vitală pentru alții (eu făcând parte din prima categorie, bineînțeles)..dar în orice caz este nelipsită și a-tot-puternică iar industria modei a fost îndeajuns de deșteaptă să-și dea seamă de asta din timp. 348 more words

Scandaloasa Modă

Meet the Bartender: Nia Wolf

Nia “Wolf”  Williams – Bartender at Hat City Kitchen – Aspiring Actor

How long have you been working at Hat City Kitchen? Just a  little over a year.   386 more words