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Simple Cream Cheese Danish with Strawberry Jam {A Strawberry Summer Recipe #3}

I’m always baking something new and trying out new recipes. So when something sticks out to me from all the rest…it’s pretty epic.

These Cheese Danishes are amazing!!! 323 more words


Summer Fruit Tart

This summer dessert has three components: fresh fruit, a creamy custard, and a French pastry. This is the first time I’ve ever used this kind of crust, and I was very impressed.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwich

We finally had our first beautiful weekend. And to celebrate the spring weather we had a barbecue. Since there were going to be kids there, I thought it would be fun to bring these simple chocolate chip cookie ice-cream sandwiches.
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Decadent Brownies with Raspberry Sauce {A Bonefish Grill Copycat}

I got the idea for these brownies when I had a craving for Bonefish Grill’s Macadamia Nut Brownie. Bonefish’s brownie is flourless and has macadamia nuts sprinkled on top. 501 more words


Carrot Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

My friend Rachel and I decided to bake this classic carrot cake together one Saturday afternoon. This is an one layer lightly-spiced carrot cake topped with a thick layer of creamy…
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Homemade Made Easy - Cosmic Brownies

Hello there.

I have always been a sharer. Mostly of information. And feelings. Some might say that I am an over-sharer. I have never once been able to keep a secret from anyone. 895 more words


Lazy Girl Chocolate Chip Bars

Hello, friends.

Let’s talk for a minute about the odd phenomenon we call Daylight Savings. At first, on Sunday, I was ALL IN FAVOR OF THIS WONDERFUL AND MIRACULOUS IDEA. 514 more words