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[Things.] - Best Practices In Tech Training. - #BPITT


At a time where everyone is moving to the Cloud, I am still a believer in the external drive as a great backup. 116 more words


[Places.] - Helping In Healthcare. - #HIH

Learn The Power of Nanotechnology!

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute have been experimenting with nanomedicine and working with scallop-like micro-sized (smaller than a millimeter) microbots that in the not too distant future will be 
able to swim through bodily fluids, bloodstreams, and one's lymphatic system to deliver drugs or other medical relief in a highly
specialized way. 15 more words

[Places.] - Places Embracing Technology. - #PET

Domino’s Pizza Has Redefined How To Best Order Your Favorite Pizza Pie In The Digital Age via Their online App.

Lots of successful businesses have been challenged with the notion of when they should begin to embrace technology practices in their business. 62 more words


[People.] - People In Positions of Power. - #PIPOP

Do You Know Who Demis Hassabis Is? And Why He Is One Of The Most Influential People In The World of Technology In Current Day? 141 more words


[People.] - Customer Service Goliaths. - #CSG

Success Story #1:  from Red Oxx Travel Bag Company, located in Billings, Montana.

It isn’t often in this day and age that we come across a company that exemplifies what we can recall from the good ‘ole days as “exceptional” customer service. 479 more words


[People.] Everyday People Empowered. - #EPE

How Artificial Intelligence and An iPhone App known as Aira are helping guide the blind and visually impaired in the Digital Age.

So often we are used to hearing horror stories of how technology has turned our culture and society on its head, but this blog post is near and dear to my heart. 227 more words


[Things.] Gotta Have It Tech Gadgets. -#GHITechGadgets


NETGEAR’s Arlo Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Smart HD 4-Camera Security System.

So in recent day, my husband and I decided it was time to seriously look into a camera security system. 221 more words