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I Don't Believe in the Power[s] of God

What is it that has always turned me off about classical post-Reformed orthodoxy (and many other Westernly derived orthodoxies as well)? It has less, really, to do with labels (like… 1,582 more words

Karl Barth

Some Favorite Moments in John Barth's "The End of the Road"

Jacob:  I walked the three blocks to my car without seeing a target worth the ammunition, and so, like many a hunter nearing home, had finally to settle for even less satisfactory game or take none at all.   699 more words


Classical and Neo-Classical Understandings of Assurance and Reprobation in Discussion

I am supposed to be writing a chapter in our forthcoming Evangelical Calvinism book (Volume 2) on the doctrine of assurance of salvation; and I am, it is just a very slow process. 1,450 more words

Karl Barth

Bonhoeffer's Theology of the Cross

Bonhoeffer’s theology is a modern version of Luther’s theology of the cross. It is not merely a slavishly reworked version but constitutes a highly original contribution to the conversation that captures both the essential elements and the heart of Luther’s theology and makes it relevant for today. 571 more words


On choosing a theologian

In response to my earlier post On training as a systematic theologian, DTKLeven asked:

How would you recommend one go about choosing which master to apprentice under?

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Karl Barth: Integrating the “Theology of the Cross” and Deus Absconditus

From a paper I recently wrote on Luther’s “Theology of the Cross”:

“No theologian receives a longer entry in the index volume to Karl Barth’s… 539 more words

Andrew Fuller, Mark Jones, and "Sin against Grace"

Andrew Fuller responded to the challenge from Dan Taylor, a General Baptist, in a book entitled Reply to Philanthropos, published in 1787. Fuller, in an 1803 letter to John Ryland Jr., recounted the impact that Taylor’s argument had on him. 1,710 more words