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Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth on Divine Simplicity and Analogy [of Being] in Comparison

The following is the combination of two posts I wrote about a year ago, I was broaching the issue of analogy in regard to how human beings attempt to speak and know God. 2,648 more words

T. F. Torrance

Knowing God: Analogy of Being or Faith? Barth, Balthasar, McCormack

I have recently been having a discussion with someone that has revolved somewhat around what has been called the analogia entis or “the analogy of being.” My book chapter for our forthcoming book also orbits around this same place of discussion. 1,302 more words

Karl Barth

Karl Barth's Developing Theo-Anthropology in Discussion with Amandus Polanus and John Calvin

For Karl Barth it is a frivolous pursuit to attempt to psychologize a theological anthropology, and yet in the Tradition (both Roman Catholic and Protestant) this is exactly what has obtained. 1,419 more words


Karl Barth's Response to the Donald Trumpkins: Making Space for the Word of God

I want to repurpose a post that I wrote years ago, and from time to time have re-posted at my various blogs – the original title of the post was: … 1,186 more words

Karl Barth

Reformed Pubs, Evangelical Calvinists, and the Reformed Confessions

Evangelical Calvinists such as myself are a confessional people, we are; seeing as we’re members of the Reformed faith, which is if anything else a confessional faith. 1,852 more words

Evangelical Calvinism


​That God is gracious to us in Jesus Christ is the divine decision about our whole being, what we do and do not do. This is the will of God for us. 209 more words


‘First Adam’ ‘Second Adam’: And Barth’s Canon within the ‘Canon’

I was just reading Everett F. Harrison’s commentary on Romans in The Expositor’s Bible Commentary; in particular I was reading his coverage of Romans 5:12-14, I was motivated to look over some commentaries I have on hand because of the discussion surrounding the historicity of Adam amongst some contemporary biblical exegetes (like Peter Enns and others). 933 more words

Biblical Theology