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My Arguments with “The Database and the Essay”

“It is true that neither novelty nor invention is requisite  for copyright protection, but minimal creativity is required” (Bender V West Pub. qtd. In Johnson-Eilola, WNM 206). 969 more words

It was once the Companion Controversy, now it is the Barth Wars; but what is it?

Maybe like me you have grown weary of what was originally called the Companion Controversy, but because of a recent First Things article by Phillip Cary has been relabeled… 1,094 more words

Karl Barth

Everybody Wants to be Christocentric, But What Does that Even Mean?

“Our theology ought to be truly Christocentric.”

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that phrase used, nodded along, and then had to stop and ask myself, “Okay, but what does that even mean?” 971 more words


Trinitarian Persons - Is the word ‘person’ an appropriate way of describing the Trinity?


Inspired by Aristotle’s God of Self Knowledge, Hegel saw the Trinity as the way in which we are able to have any knowledge of God at all. 671 more words


Berkouwer, Barth and Brunner: A Discussion of General Revelation and Natural Theology

In his book, ‘General Revelation’, Berkouwer rejects natural theology while affirming the doctrines of general revelation & common grace. He places himself between Barth & Brunner. 101 more words


The dystopian non fiction world

Reading tonight, in the Washington Post, about people in Denmark being prosecuted for giving rides to migrant asylum seekers.   Just the latest in what seems to be an endless string of stories about European countries — mostly driven by far-right politicians who have seized control — turning away from those fleeing oppression in Syria and elsewhere. 518 more words


Some of what I know of Karl Barth Off the Top: A Self-promoted Test of Sorts

I thought it would be a good exercise to write down everything (well not everything, but some prominent things) I know about Karl Barth off the top. 1,561 more words