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Revisiting Roland Barth

Today I am grateful to some recent tweets from Eleanor Aguilar (https://twitter.com/artofcoaching1) quoting the wisdom of Roland Barth for pointing me back to my home library in search of my copy of Roland Barth’s 2001   307 more words

God's Sovereignty and Human Responsibility in Hypostatic Union

The following is Karl Barth’s articulation on a Christ centered understanding of human freedom and God’s sovereignty. Barth focuses on Jesus as the archetypical man, which then becomes the basis for how we should understand our relationship to the Father — and the subsequent freedom “for” God that humanity has in Christ. 338 more words


Prayer and Scripture in Barth's Theology contra His Reformed Critics

The Bible for the Christian is the place to be, so to speak. It’s the place I want to be, because particularly as a Reformed Protestant Christian I believe this is the special place that God has decided and ordained to encounter His people; those with eyes to see and ears to hear. 1,358 more words

Karl Barth

Vulnerability as an Attribute of God

I recently wrote this on Facebook: “I think we too quickly forget that one of the most amazing things about what God in Christ demonstrated in the incarnation was total vulnerability; a willingness to be taken advantage of for something greater.” 799 more words

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Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen: An Exegesis

I’ve heard several sermons preached on Matthew 22:1-14. In many ways it’s fairly standard for parables of its type—we have an invitation to a wedding banquet, which is rejected by those to whom it is initially offered. 7,447 more words


The Word of God with its Four Standpoints: Power to Change from Glory to Glory

I cannot emphasize enough what a radical work Holy Scripture as God’s Holy Word has done in my life personally. It all started back in 1995, the Lord introduced a crisis of faith into my life, a crisis that lasted for years and years; full of heavy anxiety, depression, and dark nights of the soul. 1,504 more words

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The "error" of Jesus as the Center: Eternal Generation, Ontology of the Word, God's Triune Love and other Miscellanies

Here is something from Barth that bespeaks of the beauty of God’s Triune life of love; eternal generation has something to do with that according to Karl Barth. 696 more words

Karl Barth