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Karl Barth on the Covenant

‘What, then, we gather from the Noahic covenant, and everything that belongs to this strand, is that according to the Old Testament conception itself the special divine covenant made with Israel does not exclude the human race as a whole from the gracious will of God towards it. 189 more words


George Hunsinger on the Eternal Word

‘As a composite divine-human reality, Jesus Christ enjoys an unprecedented eternal-historical location. He necessarily belongs to history, but not only to history. He also belongs essentially to eternity as the eternal divine Word (Logos… 152 more words


Transportation | Baltic Sea Impressionen [0026]

Please Help Me to Get a New Camera => Hi my friends!
My Name is Randall and I live in Easton, MD USA. I’m 39 years old and I’m currently disable for multiple back injuries and Major Depression. 67 more words


Vater Wilhelms Rundbrief

Ganz habe ich die Arbeit: “So verstehen wir die Bibel” noch nicht gelesen. Für das, und über das was ich gelesen habe, danke ich vielmals und freue ich mich gerade zur Beherzigung in Südafrika, nachdem 2009 die NT-kirche ihren Standpunkt zum Verständnis der heiligen Schrift auf ganz andere Weise zu Papier gebracht und veröffentlicht hat. 801 more words

Vater Wihelms Rundbrief

Etymological Investigations

Confidence. Con-fide-nce. these little guys are morphomemes- that smallest units of language. We are in the business of wordsmithing around these parts. Con-with. fide- 263 more words


Part 2: Chiang Mai

Entry 1

Case Study: Mon

“’It’s about love you say, as you say; but a very special kind. People talk about two sorts of love, you know, the kind that tries to escape the self and the kind that affirms the self. 722 more words


Review; Lost in the Funhouse, John Barth

Strangely enough, I actually really loved this collection of short stories. It is not something I’d usually read, or enjoy for that matter, and so as you can imagine I was strangely surprised! 639 more words