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Moltmann's Dependence on Georg Picht

I am currently looking at the role Georg Picht plays in the development of Moltmann’s theology. The most important aspect is Moltmann’s concept “the epiphany of the eternal present/presence of being” (die Epiphanie der ewigen Gegenwart des Seins), which is taken from Picht. 494 more words


Barth Syndrome

Definition of Barth Syndrome Barth syndrome (BTHS) is a rare disorder that is genetically inherited by an affected individual and The post Barth Syndrome appeared first on SyndromesPedia – Medical Syndromes Information Portal.

The "God" of Atheists in the 16th and 17th Centuries: And How the God of the Post Reformed Orthodox Needs Be Radicalized

The early Christians were thought of as atheists by the Graeco-Romans because they rejected the pantheon of the Roman gods; at least, so the story goes. 1,659 more words

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Christ as the first-fruits and first-born from the death of death: Reflecting Further Upon Sin and Its 'Sensuous Origin'

As I continue to get into researching ‘sin’ I am doing so through reading, in part, stuff from Dutch theologian, Herman Bavinck. I am reading a section he has from his Dogmatics, Vol.3, called… 1,093 more words

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Was the Cartesian, Pierre Poiret, Post Reformed Orthodoxy's Version of Karl Barth?

I must admit, I am a bit surprised I have never seen Karl Barth (or Thomas Torrance) compared to 17th century “Reformed” thinker Pierre Poiret; at least by those who are in the know in regard to the history of ideas in the development of Post Reformed Orthodox theology. 798 more words

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A Testimony About Barth's Impact, The Free Church, and the Authority of Holy Scripture

Here is something I wrote some time ago, but its spirit or sentiment remains the same for me. If I were to rewrite this post now it would probably wouldn’t sound the same, but the guts of it would still be the same. 953 more words


What is a Metaphysic? And Do I as a "Barthian" or "Torrancean" Have One?

I just attended the regional meeting of the Pacific Northwest’s Evangelical Theological Society. I was able to meet up with a friend of mine there, Tim, a great brother in Christ who is currently working on his PhD in Systematic Theology under, now, the supervision of Katherine Sonderegger (previously it was under John Webster, before his “untimely” death). 2,755 more words

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