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G C Berkouwer and Karl Barth on "Natural Theology and General Revelation"

Barth proposes three reasons for the persistence of natural theology (Church Dogmatics, Vol. II, 1, pp. 85-126. The three reasons are succinctly stated by G W Bromiley: “(a) It is thought to be possible and practicable … (b) It is thought to be pedagogically useful at least as an introduction to theology … (c) It is thought to have a biblical sanction in that strand of scripture which appeals to man’s confirming witness with creation” (Historical Theology: An Introduction, p. 667 more words


The 'Blade and the Flint', Human Suffering and the Knowledge of God: How Barth Affirmed Philosophy

Here at the blog I haven’t been short on pointing out Karl Barth’s disdain for natural theology and the analogia entis; and truly he did have disdain. 1,105 more words


John Webster Constructively Critiques Karl Barth's Bible

John Webster, obviously, very much so appreciates Karl Barth, and in fact, he appreciates Barth’s idea on Scripture as “prophetic and apostolic testimony” (or Witness).  596 more words


'Parables' and the 'Analogy of Faith' in the Theology of Barth's Romans II

As we all know by now Karl Barth was not a proponent of natural theology, or the analogia entis (‘analogy of being’). But what we do find in Barth is an appeal to ‘secular parables,’ something equivalent to what Thomas Torrance, in his own way, calls ‘social co-efficients.’ … 603 more words

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A Little Bit about "The Triumph of Grace ... " and "A Half Century ... "

As well as Berkouwer’s ‘Studies in Dogmatics’, there are the interesting books – The Triumph of Grace in the Theology of Karl Barth & A Half Century of Theology. 124 more words


Theology is Really Dialogue with God. What Does It Mean to be Dialectical in Our Thought?

I was going to write a post after I got some shut eye quoting the exact quote I quote in full from Barth in this already written post (sometimes I even surprise myself at my prolificacy in blog posts). 1,063 more words


Understanding and Critiquing Paleo-Covenant Theology: Do Contemporary Covenant Theologians Genuinely Represent Old School Federal Theology?

There has certainly been a resurgence of Reformed theology in the last ten to fifteen years or so; one notable, at a popular level is the so called: … 2,300 more words

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