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Flying Latrine

Late last summer, I had the pleasure of corresponding with a descendant of one of my father’s crewmates on Mission 234 with a target of Memmingen, Germany. 194 more words


Augustine or Barth? You Choose

Is Karl Barth the rescuer of the modern Protestant church; is that how he is being appealed to by some Protestants, as Thomas Aquinas was for Tridentine (Roman Catholic) theology? 466 more words

Karl Barth

Three Foundational Elements Necessary for Any Serious Doctrine of Election

It is a truism that every Christian or system of Christian theology has or must have a doctrine of election. This is because the Bible uses words like “elect,” “election,” “predestine,” and “predestination” so any serious student of the Bible or theology must account for them and explain them in light of the rest of Scripture and biblical/theological thought. 1,060 more words


A No within a Yes...

John 3:14-21 Fourth Sunday of Lent…

“Sometimes we say no to those we love as a way of saying yes. God’s “no” to us in Jesus Christ is an expression of his love for us.” 1,345 more words


Karl Barth on Theology: What is it For?

Many Christians – included some of my own friends – feel uncomfortable at the mention of the word ‘theology’. For some, it conjures up feelings of uneasiness, as they’re reminded of individuals who have been belligerent and un-Christlike in arguing their own theological persuasion, often seeking to enforce their views on that person. 830 more words


March Staff Picks Part 2: Even More Challenging Books

The March theme for our staff picks is “Books We Find Challenging.”

Sheila’s challenge: Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas

Sheila says:

“I find Bonhoeffer’s choice challenging. As I am reading through this biography, I’m finding the issues Bonhoeffer faced similar to issues we face today. 287 more words

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