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Moving and Breathing in a Blog-like World with Appeal to the Analogia Barthei

Living in a blog-like world can be dangerous, especially for those of us who keep reading and learning. When posting on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media the impression might be given that our ideas are concretized, stagnate, immutable even. 554 more words

Karl Barth

Karl Barth, Romans 1:18-21. No Genuine Knowledge of God Apart from Radical Grace Conditioned by the Life of God in Christ With Us

As we read Romans 1:18-21 it would appear that there is some possibility for, at least, an inchoate ‘natural’ knowledge of God; that God’s invisible attributes which can be clearly seen should be opaque to the point that ‘whosoever wills’ could have some semblance of the true and the living God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; some people, some Christians seem to think that this is the case. 832 more words

Analogy Of Faith

Theology of the Cross or Theology of Glory? You Choose!

Recently someone asked me about the difference between a theology of the cross and a theology of glory. Let me briefly explain. The theology of the cross has its roots in St. 912 more words


Allow God to Tell His Own Story. Albrecht Ritschl, Karl Barth, and Thomas Torrance: A Better Way to do Genuine Christian Theology

Karl Barth is famous for wanting to think theological thoughts strictly and only after Deus dixit (‘God has spoken’); he is famous for his desire to do… 1,252 more words

Evangelical Calvinism

The Gospel of God's Love According to Thomas Torrance and Karl Barth

This post is going to consist of two quotes; the first will be from Thomas F. Torrance, and the second from Karl Barth. The one from Torrance is the quote that I have from him in my sidebar taken from his… 1,927 more words

T. F. Torrance

Responding Further to Kevin J. Vanhoozer's Critique that Evangelical Calvinism Fails: With Appeal to Karl Barth as an Accessory to Thomas Torrance.

It is time to respond a bit further to Kevin J. Vanhoozer’s[1] critique of Evangelical Calvinism. Remember I wrote that post awhile ago letting you all know about the chapter length critique KJV offered of us in the edited book he was a contributor to entitled: … 2,863 more words

Evangelical Calvinism

Knowing God: Martin Luther, Karl Barth, Thomas Torrance. Theologia Crucis against Analogia Entis

Knowing God, it is what we as Christians all desire; we want to not only know Him, but know that we have a more sure way of knowing God. 1,140 more words

T. F. Torrance