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'Revelation' is Personal: With Reference to Congdon

The following quote will be an example of how Karl Barth’s understanding of ‘revelation’ works within his own theoretical schematization of things. Bruce McCormack has also developed this in one of his chapters in his book… 701 more words

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How Are Barth and Torrance Different? The Question of 'NeoOrthodoxy'

Someone asked, on a new Facebook group I just created (Thomas F. Torrance Discussion Group), if and how Karl Barth and Thomas Torrance differed theologically. Two friends of mine in the know responded to this question by highlighting a difference between Barth and Torrance in regard to their usage (Torrance) or not (Barth) and engagement with the natural sciences (as far as… 544 more words

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The Word Became Flesh

“To pronounce the name of Jesus Christ means to acknowledge that we are cared for, that we are not lost. Jesus Christ is man’s salvation in all circumstances and in face of all that darkens his life, including the evil that proceeds from himself. 176 more words

Karl Barth on the Death Penalty

Barth’s thoughts on the three theories of the institution; from CD III/4, pp. 440–46

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Barth, Wright and Election

Karl Barth and N.T. Wright do not typically make good bedfellows. There are a number of significant and (possibly) insurmountable differences between the two in terms of both methodology and theology. 1,452 more words


Ephesians 1.4, Election, Assurance and Moving Beyond Identity with Karl Barth

I want to keep pressing this idea on the importance of election. Beyond drawing bright lines between various tribes of interpretation I want to emphasize the import of this doctrine materially, and the impact it has upon our perception of God and us. 858 more words

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Barth on the Demons: A Critical Appraisal and Demuring

One area that I think I disagree with Karl Barth on is his “demonology.” I have been reading G.C. Berkouwer’s book The Triumph Of Grace In The Theology Of Karl Barth: An Introduction And… 1,110 more words