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Why you should be more excited about your local school bond than about Trump vs. Clinton

This week, my fellow citizens in small-town (Bartlesville) Oklahoma, go to vote.

Yet the choice is not about Republicans or Democrats.

It is a bond issue that will attempt to shield our local schools from crippling budget cuts. 488 more words


Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise Exposes the 'Underbelly' of the School Board

Absolutely Unbelievable! People are seriously wondering if the Bartlesville School Board is composed of well-trained incompetents who are also grossly negligent . . . or if they are just the world’s lousiest planners and priority-setters? 381 more words


Joel Rabin Fires Back on Bartlesville Propaganda Machine Re: Oak Park Closing and Bonds

An Open Letter to the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise:
Joel Rabin’s response to the August 7, 2016 E-E article,
“Unique culture helps Wilson students excel”
(August 9, 2016) 1,204 more words


Oklahoma Osage Ballet Santa Fe Bound

By Glenda Rice Collins, Arts Columnist

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. USA — “I love making beautiful things,” says Osage Ballet director Randy Tinker Smith, “Whether in music or ballet, …getting everybody to work together to produce a beautiful piece of art…That’s our goal, that we always represent our tribe well, …and to keep getting our story out.”  905 more words


Tulsa-based Orchestras Complement OK Mozart

By Glenda Rice Collins, For Greater Tulsa Reporter Newspapers,  Published: August 2016

Three well-established Oklahoma orchestras recently played a significant role in advancing Oklahoma’s premiere music festival, … 21 more words


Community is Important

I belong here. I love this town and all of the beautiful places intertwined within it. I have had an intense out-pour of love and support of my tiny business from the community. 222 more words