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That Seminary Life: A Place Apart

Written by Rev. Bonnie Stephens Canizaro

Those of you who are not familiar with Austin will be delighted to experience the many places in which a student can spend time alone with God. 854 more words


The Invitation to Live Awake

I got my sorry ass out of bed again, and brought it down here for a swim.

Barton Springs is my daily affirmation that renewal is possible: at my age, in this moment, in a broken town, a broken world, for anyone. 67 more words

A welcomed cool down at Barton Springs, Austin

Where ever I have been in the US this summer holiday it has been hot hot hot. I got to test out the beaches in Miami and Galveston to cool down, but I tell you it doesn’t work. 173 more words

#93 Keeping it weird-part deux

It was back to keeping it weird in Austin, Texas. The last time I was in Austin was pool #71 (Barton Springs) in the fall of 2015. 376 more words

Spontaneous Trip To Austin

Spontaneous day-trips to Austin are the best! Even though Austin is only two hours away from Houston, I don’t travel there often. It’s such a shame because Austin has so much to offer! 94 more words


Reader's Choice

Cultivating natural, routine self-care is not something that comes from within, it’s a matter of harvesting the best ideas and making them work for us. If left to my own devices, self-care would be a bag of Ruffles, two pedicures a month, a bottle of champagne to myself, and a new wardrobe. 653 more words


Zilker Park, The Trailer Shop Picnic and Barton Springs

The plan was to take the little train around Zilker Park  – but we ended up going up (and down) the Colorado river by canoe. 57 more words