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Best Wine Glass - - Shapes & Sizes Matter

A wine glass, as the name suggests, is a glass used to drink wine. It has three parts – foot, stem and bowl. Choice of the right wine glass is highly important while serving wine in style as its perception can be heavily influenced by the shape of the glass. 497 more words


The Ludlow Collection

Simon Pearce is about revealing the inherent beauty of the glass…and handcrafting it to a natural outcome. As a counterpoint to mass production and mechanized perfection, we make things with time-honored traditional methods. 242 more words


Plastic Glassware Online – A Good Choice

Plastic plates, cups, glasses and the likes are, nowadays, a common find at parties and larger gatherings. They are convenient to use and low in price. 492 more words


Online Drinkware – Easy & Economic Solution

People used to think about serving drinks in conventional pieces of drinkware at occasions. However, things have changed much over years. They are now looking for more economic and convenient option like plastic drinkware. 478 more words