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Creatura fails to declare his council position to Parliament

Admin is clearly beneath Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell and his very well-staffed office (whose salaries are paid for by you, the tax-payer).

Well over a year since Mario Creatura, Barwell’s Westminster bag carrier, got himself a second publicly funded income as a Tory councilor, and he is yet to declare that position, as he is required by the strict rules of the House of Commons. 404 more words


Tory MP Barwell off the hook again with an "honest mistake"

Gavin Barwell’s been a naughty boy again. And got away with it with nothing more than a very mild slap on the wrist. Again.

Oh, how the Tory Government’s… 723 more words

Gavin Barwell MP

Newman declares support for football club that doesn't exist

MPs – including Croydon’s trio of Gavin Barwell, Steve Reed OBE and Chris Philp – have been given several weighty documents to read as they head off on their long summer break, including a 5,000-word dossier offering a step-by-step guide to using Twitter. 434 more words


Tory MPs say the Living Wage is not enough for Londoners

This was the maiden speech given in the House of Commons yesterday by 20-year-old Mhairi Black.

Is there any elected representative from Croydon who could deliver such a stinging rebuke to the political classes with such rhetorical poise, laced with integrity? 1,208 more words


Tally ho! Croydon Tory MP decides to call off the hunt

Croydon residents have 24 hours to convince the borough’s newest MP, Chris Philp, to oppose the changes to the country’s hunting with dogs legislation in Parliament tomorrow. 547 more words


Barwell, Leicestershire

The Church of St Mary, Barwell, Leicestershire.

Photo taken : 17 May 2015

Google map :  https://goo.gl/maps/WyC1p


Mail's sex and scandals story has Tory MP Barwell "arrested"

UPDATED 5,45pm: There’s one thing which Gavin Barwell, no longer the MP for the Whitgift Foundation, may do with the right-wing Daily Mail which he has never been able to do to this website: sue them. 951 more words