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Is Barwell's Privy Council appointment a sign of Tory nerves?

Do the Tories quietly believe that there is a chance that gaffe-prone Gavin Barwell might yet cock it up and lose his Croydon Central seat at the General Election on June 8? 799 more words


UKIP admits members were bouncers at MP Barwell's debate

Our political editor, WALTER CRONXITE, reports on how one local party thinks that ‘defending democracy’ means putting a couple of heavies on the door to exclude people from a debate… 1,026 more words


Tory minister Barwell uses UKIP bouncer at housing 'debate'

Renewed questions have been raised over the seemingly close links between Croydon Central Tory MP Gavin “gaffe-prone” Barwell and UKIP activists, after a local official from the party of Nigel Farage assumed “door security” duties with a chum at an event this week organised by Croydon Conservatives. 557 more words


Now Idris Elba gets angry with Tories over rising homelessness

BARRATT HOLMES, our housing correspondent, outlines the latest raft of Tory government cuts to benefits which will make yet more people homeless, and which have been supported by housing minister Gavin Barwell… 1,135 more words


Barwell adopts United Airlines approach to his housing 'debate'

WALTER CRONXITE uncovers a Tory astroturfing exercise which has hand-picked the audience for a bogus housing ‘debate’ with the local MP

Loyal Croydon Tory supporters of the government minister, Gavin Barwell, have adopted the ticketing practices of United Airlines ahead of what is supposed to be a “debate” on housing policy this week. 804 more words


Mothers' campaign forces U-turn over NHS cuts to baby milk

A campaign by a Croydon mother, given a platform by Inside Croydon, has managed to get the Croydon NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to U-turn over its proposed cuts to prescribing formula milk for babies with food allergies. 612 more words


Barwell admits Tories have broken promise on starter homes

BARRATT HOLMES, our housing correspondent, reports on a manifesto commitment which the government’s Nimby housing minister now says won’t be kept

Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell, in his role as the housing minister, has confirmed that the Tory government has already broken one of its manifesto pledges from 2015, with not a single one of the 200,000 “starter homes” promised by the Conservatives two years ago having been built, and with the commitment quickly proving to be another empty promise. 541 more words