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Police receive complaint over MP Barwell's election expenses

Gavin Barwell is the subject of a formal complaint to the police which asks them to investigate whether the Croydon Central Tory MP broke the law by under-declaring his campaign spending at last year’s General Election. 1,214 more words

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£1.4bn supermall may need new CPO and planning permission

Is this where we say ‘we told you so’? The Nirvana of a megamall in central Croydon, first aired in 2012, could be another six years away following this week’s major change of plan from Hammersfield, reports STEVEN DOWNES Croydon faces years more uncertainty, delays and disruption, after Westfield and Hammerson’s revised plans for the […]


MP who voted for benefits cuts claims £280 per week expenses

While we were waiting for Dodgy Dave to publish his tax returns and for Jeremy Corbyn to find his, Inside Croydon has dug out some financial records on Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell. 435 more words


MP's former employee blames Barwell for security breach

It’s beginning to appear that Gavin Barwell couldn’t be trusted to organise a piss up in a brewery, not even one brewing Dutch lager, after an ex-employee passed the buck to the Tory MP over a potential security breach at the House of Commons. 562 more words


Disability campaigner's letters to Tory MPs have been ignored

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Two of Croydon’s MPs voted for cuts in disability benefits, and one then claimed credit when the changes to PIP were dropped. PETER ROGERS, an organiser of charity fund-raising events, has written to both MPs asking for an explanation… 617 more words


Lager lobbyist Creatura given free pass by Tory MP Barwell

Gaffe-prone Gavin Barwell has been caught out in another abuse of parliamentary rules, this time by allowing his former parliamentary assistant Mario Creatura to continue to hold a security pass to access the House of Commons while working as a lobbyist for brewers Heineken. 741 more words


Barwell's forgotten campaign boost from Tory Road Trip

STEVEN DOWNES reports on how Gavin Barwell’s account of his election victory last year somehow managed to overlook the day when a Cabinet minister and more than 100 Tory activists visited the borough to help him… 1,228 more words