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Gaffe-prone Gav in spotlight over leaked Brexit 'Merlot Memo'

Gaffe-prone Gavin Barwell is feeling the political heat this week from a couple of political big beasts – and former Tory chums – as he stands accused of leaking a confidential memo on Brexit which had been handed to his boss, the interim Prime Minister Theresa May, by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. 888 more words


Prime Minister's Chief of Staff attends meeting with Westfield

In the midst of the threat of a global nuclear war, heightened terror threats at home and the complications of the Brexit negotiations with the European Union, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Gavin Barwell, has found the time to attend a meeting with shopping centre developers Westfield. 595 more words


Even a #cheekyNando's can't help Barwell escape blame

Another Friday, another cheeky Nando’s. WALTER CRONXITE, our political editor, on how the Chief of Staff for the beleaguered Prime Minister appears to be preparing for his future by doing a promotions job for a restaurant chain… 773 more words


Empire-building Barwell recruits Nero to help in Downing Street

Nero Ughwujabo, for the past 15 years the chief executive of the Croydon BME Forum, has quit his job to become a SPAD – a government special adviser to the Prime Minister. 814 more words

Croydon Council

The technical, practical and communal necessities for creating a machinima film

My original project began with the goal of producing an original, quality ‘machinima’ film that Jenna Ng (2013, p. xiv) defines as ‘films made by real-time three-dimensional computer graphics rendering engines’. 2,087 more words


Barwell's big night out in Nando's after 'intense' week

WALTER CRONXITE on the late-night goings-ons involving one of the Prime Minister’s senior aides

After more than three months of near-silence on social media, ever since he was soundly defeated in the General Election, Gavin Barwell, the former Conservative MP for Croydon Central, has resurfaced. 740 more words


Gone in a puff of smoke: Barwell's office becomes vape shop

It was often accused of being the source of an inordinate amount of hot air and noxious gas, so it is perhaps in some way fitting that now, less than three months after Gavin Barwell was kicked out of Parliament by the voters of Croydon Central, his constituency office is being turned into a vape shop. 297 more words