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Mail's sex and scandals story has Tory MP Barwell "arrested"

UPDATED 5,45pm: There’s one thing which Gavin Barwell, no longer the MP for the Whitgift Foundation, may do with the right-wing Daily Mail which he has never been able to do to this website: sue them. 951 more words


Edited 22/05/2015 : Leicestershire Event : Grand Opening 30/05/2015

Exciting news for weightlifting and fitness buffs : There’s a new gym opening in Barwell! It’s a strength and conditioning gym, so the majority of it is weights but there’s a cardio area and a tyre flipping area too! 55 more words


He is the very model of a modern Comptroller-General

So Gavin Barwell’s personal political career seems to have hit a speed bump, as the man who was re-elected as Croydon Central MP thanks to a bunch of UKippers who bottled it, is to stay in the Tory whips’ office, albeit with the sop of an ancient and anachronistic title of Comptroller of the Royal Household. 674 more words


How can abolishing the Bedroom Tax be called 'too left-wing'?

CROYDON COMMENTARY: Trades unionist BOB HEWLETT suggests that blame for his party’s defeat in the General Election is being placed too conveniently on one or two individuals… 1,173 more words


Four million conversations: but what was their message?

JOHN BRAGGINS, pictured left, strips away some of the data to show that Tory MP Gavin Barwell had one of the biggest vote swings against him in the whole of London in last week’s General Election… 745 more words


Sarah Jones: 'We'll come back fighting for people of Croydon'

Sarah Jones has pledged to “come back even stronger next time”, after losing out on her bid to win the Croydon Central seat from Gavin Barwell by just 165 votes in the General Election on Thursday. 446 more words


Barwell's bogus claim about football prompts Palace coup

After David Cameron came to Croydon and forgot which football team he had been briefed to say he supports, you might have thought that Gavin Barwell, desperately hanging on for his political career as MP for Croydon Central, would have learned the lesson: don’t try to do football, you’ll only get it wrong. 600 more words