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Ruskin Square considered for HMRC’s new tax supercentre

Senior officials from Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenues – HMRC – were in Croydon on Wednesday visiting the Ruskin Square development as a potential office location for a new tax supercentre. 25 more words

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Barwell fan Cope is named as Tories’ 12th man on London list

A hitherto not very highly regarded sometime member of Croydon Conservatives has been included as the 12th – and last – name on the Tories’ “list” candidates for election to the London Assembly next May. 25 more words

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'Britain's FBI' to investigate corruption in Lawrence case

Was there perhaps some uncomfortable shuffling in their seat by a senior Croydon Conservative on Friday, when it was announced that the National Crime Agency, described as “Britain’s equivalent of the FBI”, has started an investigation into allegations of corruption in the Metropolitan Police which helped to protect the murderers of Stephen Lawrence? 558 more words


Creasy gives up her pay rise as an example to Croydon MPs

Now here’s an idea for this kinder, gentler era of politics: Croydon’s three MPs could ask their constituents how to use the money from their recent pay hike – up 10 per cent, now at £74,000 per year for back benchers, since you ask – and give the public the chance to veto how they spend public money in their offices. 371 more words


Restaurateur who underpaid staff is short-listed for award

Croydon’s Labour-run local council is backing “business excellence” awards tonight at which one of the entries short-listed for a prize is a woman who has been prosecuted for failing to pay her workers the legal minimum wage. 860 more words

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Non-League Dogs: Meet football's hound hunters

The canine sensation that’s making waves with doggy lovers across the non-league football scene 685 more words


Croydon MP offers to house refugees in his 4-bed home

If you owned this sumptuous, near-£1 million property, pictured above, in “sexy” Shirley (copyright Will Self, 2015), would you open your doors to house Syrian refugees? 770 more words

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