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Baryshnikov in "Letter to A Man" at Royce Hall

By Jane Rosenberg

I approached Robert Wilson and Mikhail Baryshnikov’s latest collaboration, Letter to a Man, with great expectations. A music and movement based theatre piece exploring the diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky, … 764 more words

A Life in Theater (III)

Going to see shows in New York was great fun.  I got to see shows I worked on, like a Bobby Siverls’ scene showcase, where I was Assistant Stage Manager, and Total Theatre Performers’ Macbeth, where I was the lighting technician. 252 more words

a dancers dream

Last night I dreamt of Baryshnikov.

His movement, perhaps even still, exposed aliveness beyond what is essentially real.

In my dream, my body mimicked his, fluid motion that defied the earth’s gravitational pull. 367 more words


Just Falling Down Dead Is An Option

I had forgotten that the variation we’re doing is from act 2 of Giselle, with the Wilis trying to dance Albrecht into his grave, which he may or may not richly deserve depending on whether we read him as a soulless playboy toying with the heart of an innocent country lass or the star-crossed youth torn between True Love and social obligation. 66 more words


So You Think You Can't Dance

Just pretend that I’m not here, watching your every move, Spongebob Squarepants drones from a computer in the library’s children’s room, where Shmuley is in is element, working on some quasi-educational program. 795 more words

Dance and Fashion: Two Worlds Collide

I’ve always had a relatively refined fashion sense. I bought my first suit in the 8th grade. I loved that suit because I thought it made me look important and powerful. 411 more words