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Hai hai, Pembaca!

Untuk post pertamaku setelah perkenalan, aku akan berbagi tentang pigmen-pigmen alami yang dapat dijadikan indikator alami asam-basa. 614 more words


LKS Asam Basa

Asam adalah zat (senyawa) yang menyebabkan rasa masam pada berbagai materi. Basa adalah zat(senyawa) yang dapat beraksi dengan asam, menghasilkan senyawa yang disebut garam. Sedangkan basa adalah zat-zat yang dapat menetralkan asam. 160 more words


Butter garlic Basa

Nice and simple today! I bought some Basa fish on special for $5.50/kg!!! So I decided to bake some of this delicious fish in the oven and paired it with some steam vegetables. 117 more words


The Purpose

Put a bunch of artists in a room to talk about business, and then ask them to define “purpose”. A few moments of uncharacteristic silence. 154 more words

Easy Oven Baked Basa!

This recipe is so easy to prepare you can do something else whilst its cooking!

Multi tasking at it’s finest i’d say!😆

Basa fillets are delicious, cheaper and more sustainable than cod. 246 more words

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Restaurant Review – Jamie’s Pizzeria doesn’t deliver

Jamie’s Pizzeria doesn’t deliver. And we’re not referring to the absence of a delivery service.

Jamie’s doesn’t live up to the expectations of a restaurant from an international celebrity chef whose reputation is based on creating beautiful, rustic dishes from simple, but fresh, ingredients. 472 more words