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Year of a Hundred Things - "Thing" #81 - "Surviving"

“Here’s your t-shirt,” my friend said, as she handed me the bright pink “Relay for Life” shirt, sporting the word “Survivor” on the back.

“You gave me the wrong shirt,” I said, my face contorted with confusion. 541 more words


This From The LEAST Risky Skin Cancer ...

Wear your sunblock, kids …

This is not the first time I have been cut into, and I’m sure it will not be that last, given that I am of Irish descent, but have lived my entire life in Arizona, where the duration of sunshine (in the Sonoran Desert in which Tucson sits) is second only to the Sahara Desert, world-wide.  301 more words

Color Photography


Please share this story with friends and family….This is a story about a young woman, Tawny Willoughby, and her willingness to share her journey that started with a TANNING BED!!! 335 more words

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Year of Hundred Things: "Thing" #97 - Scars

“That’s not a scar. I want to see you in my office tomorrow morning at 9am.” She said, looking closely at the small lesion under my right eye. 508 more words

Cancer is Catching

Pretty sure I have skin cancer, you guys.  I mean, it is the most common cancer and I’m almost certain that we’re looking at basal cell carcinoma, so they’ll just scoop it out and I’ll go on in my life until the next time.   488 more words


How Pain and Itching Signal Skin Cancer | Men's Health

Skin cancer doesn’t always announce itself with the sudden appearance of a big, black weird-looking mole. An itch that doesn’t go away or a feeling of tenderness in a lesion might be red flags for certain kinds of skin cancer, found a study from the Temple University School of Medicine.The researchers found that itching and pain were frequent complaints in squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas, the two most common forms of skin cancers. 333 more words


Murmurs, Rubs & Gallops-9/19/2014

JAMA Internal Medicine Blog contributors on what captured their attention this week.

Giliead Sciences has been criticized for the high price of sofosbuvir, the new hepatitis C virus drug. 406 more words

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