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Parkinson's disease: Why do I have tremors?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease, characterised by uncontrollable tremors, and slow movements. The disease is called a progressive neurodegenerative disease, because disease pathology worsens over time. 1,103 more words


Neuronal Diversity in the Basal Ganglia Output Region

Each animal must use information about past experience, its sensory environment, and its internal motivation state to decide what action to carry out. Specialized brain circuits in the basal ganglia are fundamental to this process of “action selection” and reinforcement learning. 773 more words


Ch1 L5: Habits (Part 1 - why we create habits)

  1. so far, we’ve spent four lessons on the reaction which hasn’t been executed and we’ve been experiencing the thing [1] for a tiny fraction of a second.
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From Rumination to Resilience

Some people in this world are amazingly emotionally resilient.  They appear to bounce back from failures, criticisms, and rejections with very few psychological scars.  At the other end of the human spectrum are those who seem to absorb every hurtful word and experience, frequently ruminating over the worst moments of their lives like a bad news reel.  551 more words


The Social Behavior Network

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Primary Emotion

There are many possible emotions. How can we make sense of this diversity? 727 more words

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