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Basal ganglia or Basal nuclei?

I know some of you are going to scroll down and think I’m not reading all that! For those of you, I have a small summary paragraph at the end. 2,375 more words

Clinical Anatomy

Self Awareness

This title of this post is the same as the title of a chapter in Daniel Goleman’s book “The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights.” There was a corporate lawyer who had a brain tumor. 667 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Habits: How and why they form (Blog and Podcast)

This podcast forms part of the “Goals and Habits Series” on the Big Happy Life Podcast. It is Episode 3 of 6. Click here to listen. 1,412 more words


"Basal Ganglia" in Strange Horizons

So, this is the post I’ve been waiting to make for aaaaagggeeesss.

Literally. This poem was submitted just over a year ago because that’s how publishing works, but it came out on Monday! 120 more words


Overview of the Basal Ganglia

I’m studying for my Systems Neuroscience exam, so I’ll post my notes.

Here’s some notes on the Basal Ganglia, a pretty important set of nuclei in the brain. 14 more words

EDITOR’S CHOICE ARTICLE – MR Spectroscopy Findings of the Basal Ganglia in Bipolar Disorders: a Systematic Review

Journal Name: Current Psychiatry Reviews

Author(s): Hanjing Emily Wu*, Tomas Melicher, Bo Cao, Marsal Sanches, Jeffrey A. Stanley, Giovana Zunta-Soares, Benson Mwangi, Jair C. Soares. 265 more words

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There are many things, systems, that have Principal Components Analysis as the result of their evolution, their computation; their dynamics. Things like neural networks, for example. 1,208 more words

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