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Disney Marathon Training Week 5: 9/14-9/20

Total Miles:  14.88

Cross Training:  1 day (barre)

Monday 9/14:  30 minute maintenance run

Wow, the weather was fresh today!  I considered a long-sleeved shirt for a second, but I knew I wouldn’t be chilly for long.  552 more words


We've Got a Makeover!

Last month marked the first year when I started blogging on this site. I remember my first post – it was in a depressing tone as it featured the passing of one of the most bubbly personalities in Hollywood, Robin Williams. 281 more words

Ask The Nurse


BMR is a term used often in the fitness industry by trainers and coaches, but its meaning and importance tend to be overlooked or misunderstood by the novice athlete.   860 more words

Flexible Dieting

By: Chris Huber

This is a quick(ish) rundown on the basics of figuring out your caloric intakes. This is what is known as Flexible Dieting. 535 more words


Have you ever tried 'High Cable Pull' in your gym?

One exercise that I have included recently in my Fitness trainer course syllabus is the “High Cable Pull”. A great variation to achieve stunning posterior deltoid or the rear deltoid. 267 more words


So I got fat(ter)

When you start a new diet, especially a new lifestyle change like I have it’s easy to do tonnes and tonnes of research and then buy into the beleif that you’ve done everything you can to ensure you’re on the right path.  358 more words


Let’s talk Metabolism

I originally wasn’t going to write this post for today.  In fact, I wasn’t going to write this post at all.  However, it occurred to me as I was digging up information on a different blog topic (one you will see in the future) that in order to make that topic, and many others, make sense, I first needed to dive into what metabolism is and how it works.  860 more words