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Distribution Of Nutrients In A Diet

A well-balanced diet is made when all the required macro- & micro- nutrients are designed in such a way that you feel healthy and active throughout the day. 242 more words

Weight Loss

Increase Body Metabolism to Lose Weight

We all know that to lose weight, one should increase their body metabolic rate but what can we do to give our metabolism a boost to help us burn calories and lose weight? 435 more words

Weight Loss

Diet Plan Guide: Caloric Intake & Food Choices

Losing weight is not a simple task. Our bodies didn’t evolve together with our minds and the society around us, so we still operate in a primitive way: storing fat. 664 more words



Hello, dears!

Yesterday, I found two cool calculators and I thought you might be interested. A Body Mass Index calculator and a calorie calculator. They look like this: 10 more words


Why You Are Not Losing Fat? (Even on Low Calories)

The necessary calorie intake for fat loss can vary greatly among individuals.

A typical “bulk” intake of 3000-3500 calories for some people might be causing fat loss or… 529 more words

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Sweater Weather

Happy Sweater Weather to you!

Although we are finally hitting winter weather temps, we don’t want to pack our winter skin coats to hibernate. So, we’re going to equip ourselves with a plan for this winter eating season. 328 more words

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The Most Important Fitness Math You'll Ever Need [PART I]

Okay folks, below are just a few of the most important nutrition and fitness calculations that you will ever need to get started on your own training programming and meal planning, all in under 500 words! 472 more words

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