Calling All Empowering Women!

This is a very exciting day for me and for a community I have recently found my place in.

As the new managing editor and blogger for the… 321 more words


Rise of the Tomb Raider Playthrough Journal: Part 4

Journal Entry Four: Base Camp Train Yard

Completion: 13%          Total Time Played: 8 hrs. 18 mins.          Times I Killed Lara: This Level (1) Total (8)

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Preparing to hit the road

Who would have thought a trip to Greece would take so much planning? Euros, travel insurance and flight tickets used to cut it, but this week has been unbelievable! 340 more words

Day To Day

Rise of the Tomb Raider Playthrough Journal: Part 3

Journal Entry Three: Base Camp Installation Vista

Completion: 11%          Total Play Time: 7 hrs. 15 mins.          Times I Killed Lara: This Level (1), Total (8)

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Day 8 & 9: Base Camp (4,750m)

For the last two days we have been in Ama Dablam BC. Our home for the next 15 days.

Our base camp is located at the other side of the morraine were usually expedition set their base camps. 133 more words

Expedition Diary

Rise of the Tomb Raider Playthrough Journal: Part 2

Journal Entry Two: Base Camp Mongolian Passage

Completion: 10%          Total Time Played: 6 hrs. 41 mins.          Times I Killed Lara: This level (2) Total (5)

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"Inside our clouds there are mountains"

There are some things that Nepal struggles with (governance, spending relief funds, getting petrol and gas and all kinds of essential items, organising anything, providing anyone with power, housing, healthcare etc etc), some seriously awful things that it excels at (burning plastic, putting children in busses with the blackest smoke I have ever seen coming out of the vehicles, crowding people into and onto vehicles) and some things that make it one of the most amazing places on the planet (friendly people and mountains). 454 more words