A Wild Ride on the Roof of the World

We are nearing Day Zero, the day we drive away from one house and start the move to another, so I’m posting an entry from my blog’s earliest days today. 736 more words

Travel - General

Researching Nepal, part: 3 - Can we get much higher

Trekker’s lifestyle
My time in the village was amazing. However, I wanted to experience more of Nepal and the one thing Nepal is known for is the Himalayas. 2,053 more words

Human Rights

Why is B Corp Certification Important?

Last November I had a chat with Lulu’s CEO, Nigel Lee. We talked about many topics including his tenure as CEO, his commute, the upcoming move to Research Triangle Park, and Lulu’s  certification as a B Corporation. 73 more words

B Corp

Peru #6: Volcano El Misti, Arequipa

El Misti is the imposing and sometimes snow-capped volcano overlooking the southern city of Arequipa. Standing at 5822m, for me it was high, but it barely makes the top 100 for highest peaks in Peru, let alone the Andes. 1,631 more words


Trekking Packing List for Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal for the savvy saver

When I initially booked my trip to Nepal, I thought all I had to buy were some hiking boots – boy, was I wrong! The list of things you need for a long trek can be very overwhelming, especially when trying to figure out how cold or warm it will be up there. 2,167 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Graceful

One of my favourite places to go spend some time in Powell River, BC is Base Camp – Coffee + Food + Art. They have Graceful(ly) made their mark as one of the finest coffee shops on the whole Salish Sea. 60 more words

Nepal 61: First Steps

We began our trek in a small town, Birethani. Our guide, whose name I had forgotten, told me the name of the town as we started walking. 393 more words