A Lazy Weekend, Kayaking and a Fishing Adventure

Saturday morning we gathered Aspen and headed to Shadow Mountain Lake for her morning swim. What a difference a week makes, last weekend the kayak launch was bustling with activity and this weekend it was our own little oasis. 879 more words

Grand Lake

Vagabond Traveler, "Give Me Shelter", Micro Travel Trailers, Bigger Road Trips in Smaller Spaces

Vagabond Travelers -Micro Travel Trailers

Base Camp

Camping: Ease of use. Vagabond traveler, be packed and ready at a moments notice. Life beyond tent camping, micro travel trailers, teardrop travel trailers are smaller and easier to use than traditional trailers.  374 more words

Road Trip

A Paddling Weekend!

Saturday and Sunday were spent on the water paddling Shadow Mountain Lake, Grand Lake and Willow Creek Reservoir. Between the two days on the water we paddled over 6 hours and 16.5 miles. 1,097 more words

My Monster Erection

Following a week in a one man hiking tent and a weekend in a reasonable but a little cramped four man family tent we have taken the plunge and upgraded the “Base Camp” to a massive great big bell… 680 more words

Base Camp

Mates and Mountains

We came in through the West border, to a place called Bhimdatta where people still use horse and carriage. Kerr, Isabel and I were the only westerners there and everyone stared at us, almost as if they had never seen pale skin before. 1,150 more words

Our Base Camp

The sky is full of bright mountain sunshine and our travel trailer aptly named, “Silver” is ready for another season as we have once again established our Base Camp in Grand Lake, Colorado. 64 more words