It's cold again in New York

It’s cold again in New York, but we refuse to acknowledge it, gathering for picnics in the park, holding iced coffees in gloved hands, smiling at each other through chattering teeth. 159 more words

Base Camp

Spring Interns - Final Thougths

I meet with our Spring Interns on their last week to ask a few questions about their time at Oasis… these two have brought so much joy, laughter, and energy to the church office during their time here. 668 more words

The Sun Shines Bright on Basecamp Gallivance

First, the apologies. As some of you have noticed, for the past few months we haven’t been as active in our beloved blog community as usual. 282 more words


Alaska Mountain Range 21 by jgreer1

On this flight, we flew with K2 Aviation, based in Talkeetna, Alaska. The plane was a de Havilland Otter, considered by many to be the quintessential “bush plane.” A high-winged aircraft with hydraulic wheel-skis mounted on non-retractable landing gear, it can land anywhere from tarmac to mountain glaciers to remote bush strips. 40 more words


We remain in a holding pattern 28 - 30 April

We remain in a holding pattern. It is apparent that most other teams are pulling out. This in itself is a delicate operation. The ideal sequence is to fly in by helicopter to Kathmandu airport and get onto to an international flight the same day ­ thereby avoiding the potential health risks associated with a stay in Kathmandu. 582 more words


Concerted effort to get the climbers - 27 April

This morning there is a concerted effort to get the climbers who have been above the icefall at Camps 1 and 2 since the earthquake began, back down to BC. 244 more words