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OPI Natural Nail Base Coat Review

Hey all!

Today’s review is for this little beauty right here! OPI’s natural nail base coat, this I bought from nailpolishdirect.co.uk for £4.95 (much lower than RRP)! 212 more words

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A Strong Foundation

If you’ve met me in person or spent a few minutes scrolling through my instagram feed you’ll realize I have a thing for nail polish. If you ever see me without a manicure, chances are something traumatic has happened recently. 291 more words

It's All About that Base

Base Coat I am talking about. I am sure many of you have painted your nails a time or two. Do you really know what base coat is for? 214 more words

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Maybelline Dr Rescue CC Base Coat Review

I’ve had this base coat since November and it’s fair to say whilst I absolutely love the Dr Rescue topcoat from the same range (seriously, it rivalled the likes of Seche Vite for me) this didn’t impress me from the offset, I put it away for a few months and came back last month to start putting it to the test again. 278 more words


My Favorite Manicure Products

Hi everyone!

Before I get into swatching and reviewing, I wanted to share my current favorite manicure products. When I first got into nail polish (about 8 years ago!), I craved the quality of a salon manicure, yet didn’t have the funds as a 14 year old to get them consistently. 874 more words


Dr. Rescue Peel Off Base Coat

El primer post va dirigido total y exclusivamente al muy esperado, medio amado, medio odiado Peel Off Base Coat de la línea Dr. Rescue de Maybelline, y no es casualidad pues una razón por la que creé este blog es porque he leído muchísimos review negativos acerca de este producto y aquí va mi opinión honesta por si alguna se siente representada 🙄😄 687 more words

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Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment

Thanks to technology, beauty products these days are usually multi-purpose. Our BB Cream serves as a moisturiser, a sunscreen, and a foundation while our lipstick is as moisturising as a lip balm. 278 more words

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