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Vince Reffet & Fred Fugen Jumped From A Mountain Into A Flying Airplane - CONAN on TBS

When most people dream of base jumping from a mountain and into a moving airplane, they leave it at that — Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen actually did it. 25 more words


The Progression of Wingsuit Flying (Part 1)

Flying like a bird has always been a dream for humans since the dawn of man. Modern times have made it possible and accessible thanks to many brave individuals who dreamed, invented and sacrificed their lives for this lifestyle. 341 more words

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5 Films To Get You Netflix & Stoked

A Polyathlete’s nightmare. The surf is flat. The slopes are closed for the night. Maybe you broke your ankle trying to kick-flip that 10 stair…again. Boredom. 261 more words

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Image courtesy by Point Break (2015)

Polyathlete: A term recently made famous by the 2015 remake of the movie, “Point Break”.  The protagonist (Johnny Utah) is a self-proclaimed “extreme polyathlete”, meaning an extreme athlete who excels in multiple disciplines. 242 more words

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Wingsuit fliers stage spectacular entry into plane mid-air over Alps

Two French wingsuit fliers pulled off a breathtaking stunt over the Alps when they jumped from a mountain and then landed on board a light aeroplane in mid-air. 189 more words


"Sunshine Superman": Embrace the Sky

No, this isn’t a discussion about the rare comic book character. This is about the 2014 documentary on the life (and death) of the free-falling free spirit Carl Boenish. 860 more words


Wingsuit BASE Jumping Into A Plane! [Video]

Fred Fugen just post this video of what we believe to be the first ever wingsuit BASE jumping into an airplane.

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