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Going down

This picture captures a BASE jumper’s brief moment of freefall, and the expansive view—the ocean, the city far below, the beaches and shoreline, the mountains behind—puts the viewer into the jumper’s experience. 94 more words


Insane Guy Jumps Out of Hot Air Balloon Without a Parachute

This is definitely one ballsy move, imagine if that dude wasn’t able to catch him.  Here are the best YouTube comments:

“I thought he was going to grab the parachute he threw off the hot air balloon and put it back on and use it.”  42 more words


NaNoWriMo: When writing is like a trip to the south pole

There have always been human beings who have the urge to do crazy things.

BASE jumping, sky diving, hang gliding (basically anything that involves jumping off high things without something soft to land on) 490 more words


It's not hard.

Sometimes I think we lose perspective in life on what hard truly is. Recently I was having what I thought was a bad week. Things just kept going wrong and to say I was discouraged would be an understatement. 213 more words

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Read blogger Joe Nesbitt's reality checking post to gain perspective on your life's challenges.

Jumping In My List

As an adrenaline junky and extreme sports enthusiast; I encourage activities that include lapses of free-falling. That’s why I felt so compelled to write about the… 225 more words


Almost Insane, West Virginia

John Denver sang a song, called “Country Roads,” in 1971 that describes West Virginia as “Almost Heaven.”  He might have changed that descriptive slogan to “Almost Insane,” if he’d lived long enough to attend the annual Bridge Day celebration in Fayette County, West Virginia. 490 more words


It's Bridge Day in West Virginia!

…and around the world, I suppose. But these West Virginia people are on their A-game when it comes to bridges, because as we all know, the longest arch bridge in the western hemisphere is in West Virginia. 341 more words

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