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Taking the Plunge at Bridge Day

by Chelsea Ayers

West Virginia is well known for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities like biking, hiking, whitewater rafting, and one of the more extreme sports – BASE jumping. 358 more words

West Virginia

I can't believe we actually did that

I’ll just let the video do all the talking for us on this one. I do have some photos to share that will come in a later blog post, but for now a short video of what we did this past weekend should keep everyone entertained.


The Sports Archives - 5 Extreme Sports Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind

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By Amanda Wilks

There’s no disputing the fact that deadly extreme sports are becoming more popular than ever! It’s quite difficult to pin point a figure that demonstrates just how much these actions sports popularity has picked up nowadays, but it’s even harder to find an individual who thinks that the trade is not flourishing. 804 more words

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Pair of Utah daredevils capture incredible, high-flying GoPro footage

SALT LAKE CITY — Incredible GoPro footage shows the view wingsuit pilots have as they’re soaring through the sky right here in northern Utah.

It’s something that base jumpers couldn’t do before, but now technology has caught up with skill. 501 more words


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This one came to me in a dream. It’s not often I impress myself with execution, but this one did it. 79 more words

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PJ Black Shared The Absolutely Insane Details Of His BASE Jumping Accident

PJ Black, who you may know better as Justin Gabriel from his days in WWE and with the Nexus (as well as some stuff after the Nexus, probably … maybe), clearly has a very powerful love affair with risk-taking. 302 more words


This Video Will Make You Queasy - Especially If High Places Bother You!

This is really very hard to take. ¬†Watch at your own risk – it’s stomach churning visuals that will disrupt your homeostasis!

Not For People With Acraphobia