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Dreams Before Dusk

The white sun showered Sacramento with fraying rays ’til well past 4:00.  By then, the only folks left in the ballpark were those paid ten cents an hour to pick up hot dog wrappers and half-filled soda cups under the bleachers.   564 more words

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And, It's Not Even Spring

It’s pretty cheap to complain about the snow when there are only a few inches outside.

I’m sure someone in New England has just come in from shoveling snow off of his roof – again – and is cursing me for complaining. 322 more words


100 Years Ago The Philadelphia Phillies Made Spring Training

In 1915 the Philadelphia Phillies assuredly did not invent spring training, just like The Beatles didn’t invent rock’n’roll, Henry Ford didn’t invent the car or the assembly line, and… 1,052 more words

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Introducing #AskTheHistorian

John Thorn, Official Historian for Major League Baseball and veteran MLB PRO Blogger, has been answering quite a few historical questions from fans on Twitter of late. 86 more words

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Let’s try something new that could be fun and maybe even useful. I get a lot of questions about baseball, which may be unsurprising to you. 429 more words

Town Ball Stories

Many games preceded “America’s Pastime,” and many of them were British in origin- Rounders, the-as-confusing-to-the-Americans-as-baseball-is-to-the-British Cricket, the poorly-named Stool Ball, and others.

America’s wide open spaces demanded a more spacious game. 82 more words

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Remembering The Negro Leagues

-David S.-

Sorry to have not posted in a little while.  I’ve been sooooooooo busy with the start of my high school freshman baseball preseason, strength and agility training, school, music lessons, and more. 119 more words

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