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The Old Men Of The Market

Last Saturday, like every single Saturday, we (my insanely handsome husband and I) packed our upcycled and repurposed goods into an old, rusted trailer that used to be an unnatural metallic green and we headed off to the nearest bit of countryside to sell… 927 more words

Based On Real Events

Things Lost

(Written For Writing 101)

“Tell me what you lost”, she says, and the past tense of it all strikes me; awakes a rebellion that reignites within me so often. 781 more words

Based On Real Events

My Lover In Hues

Stained paint brushes bundled in glass jars
tinted with rainbow colours; remembering
pigments that passed through their bristles
in transit onto primed, textured canvas 
as his hands gave birth to pictured emotions
in the abstract way of his mind - incoherently unstructured
until it comes to rest in the brightest hues
and disturbing forms on white, prepared sheets
like a passionate lover exhaling desperate desires,
unfulfilled yet groping; screaming,
sometimes weeping in anger in the muddy browns;
clinging to hope in radiant cadmium orange
or chrome yellow hue;
sometimes mourning a loss 
deep within the cobalt violet bleeding
Afterwards he would slump into his chair,
exhausted, with tears in his soul 
He would sob and say:
"It really is not all in the wrist, my love..." 14 more words
Attempts At Poetry

La Provence d'Afrique

As Autumn spreads its cooling fingers
over the South of Africa
and the red spectrum of the colour wheel
tints the leaves and sky at dawn,
I find myself longing to wander
beyond the melancholic walls of work
and the repetitive scenes in my own garden... 101 more words
Attempts At Poetry

Bring The Duct Tape!

I was very surprised when I found myself on my knees on the study floor, staring at wet hands which, apparently, belong to me. I focused on the fine lines making spirals on my finger tips, imprinting on everything I touch my identity. 335 more words

Thoughts And Opinions

My Son, On Your Birthday (10 March)

Today I would have woken you
with a feather kiss
Today I would have showered you
with deserved and loving gifts
Today I would have hugged you,
said how handsome you've become
but, today the empty sorrow
has left me speechless; numb

I still find your passing
so hard to believe
and this morning, on your Birthday,
all I can do is breathe
to keep myself from breaking
at the thought of what I've lost
I have paid the full amount
of what true sorrow costs

Attempts At Poetry

Guest Post: Poetry by A.J.Pieters

My Name is Anró.This blog belongs to my Mom, but she has allowed me to post a poem I have written here. I am 18 years old and I do international logo design, am in my last year of school and I love writing as well. 299 more words

Attempts At Poetry