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Establishing A Baseline

Establishing a Baseline is an important step in any training program. It gives us a concrete measure of our current climbing abilities and overall fitness level. 195 more words



There are approximately 3.5 billion people on this planet with the gender of female. There are 31.5 million women between the ages of 18-24 in America alone. 123 more words

Life Events

Drum beat and baseline

Finally have a bassline!  I was trying to find an already made loop on Ableton, but nothing really suited the style I was going for (hip hop feel).   862 more words

NACCHO's new Baseline Profiles to demonstrate extent, experience and value of the ACCHO Sector to policy makers

“NACCHO will use the Baseline Profile to demonstrate the extent, experience and value of the ACCHO Sector to policy makers in government and those developing new programmes and budgets. 611 more words

Aboriginal Health In The News

Episode 10: Cleaning

Never trust a meteorologist, that’s always been one of my core philosophies; not even if they claim that the figures come straight from the most advanced telemetry equipment, never trust a meteorologist. 379 more words


All Your Baseline Are Belong To Your Parent Element

The other day I used JavaScript to add some text to a div.  I tried everything: textContent, innerText, innerHTML.  I tried them on the div, I tried them on a child element.   252 more words

Lipstick.. 👄

Hello peeps..

So many of you would know the beauty hack in which you take some petroleum jelly and scrape some of your eyeshadow and mix them together to make a custom lipstick.. 233 more words