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Since I started this blog I have come into contact with many people who work within the British film industry and recently I have started to get requests for me to review films and recommendations on films I may enjoy. 282 more words

What's a good Response Time?

I was looking for an article that can support or be a good reference when setting up a good baseline for Infrastructure and Application Monitoring; luckily I stumbled upon JAKOB NIELSEN’s work on “Response Times: The 3 Important Limits” 186 more words


Wrongs of Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation forms an integral part of modern day development organization and each of these have  have formal and functional M & E units in place. 1,419 more words

Development Aid

Soyons honnêtes : c'est pas faux

Pour bien terminer la journée :
si les marques étaient représentées par UNE phrase ça donnerait quoi ? 


DAY 22: The waiting Game

So it’s our first scan on Wednesday! Getting nervous again as to whether everything has worked as well as it should have. I know it is working to come extent as my period is still on going and very different to normal… So I know that it is effecting me, its just whether its done enough for us to start the stimulation injections! 263 more words


Post Dudley  update

Well now we’ve all had time to get our breath back from Saturday night at the baseline, just a quick update. First of all What a great night we met some great bands, hope for return, factory and red line ratio and some great people. 61 more words

Building a Project Schedule

The next stage of development in Project Management Fundamentals is Building a Project Schedule. This area covers, Estimating, Creating dependencies between tasks, Understanding work, duration, and units, Using milestones, Making a realistic schedule, Understanding the critical path, Understanding the critical chain method, Shortening a schedule and Documenting a baseline.

Project Managment