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Repertoire and Knowledge base - Day 0B

Now that you know what I perceive my strengths and weaknesses to be, Id like to fill you in on exactly what it is that fills up all of those categories. 134 more words


Baseline and other information - Day 0A

This will probably be the longest post in this blog…

Before you ask the question, yes. Much of the information in this blog will be based around the information found in the book “Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero” by E. 636 more words


Baseline Grids and Web Design

Baseline grids are a different type of web grid that is used for more accurate alignment of your page, especially in a page that used a lot of typography. 338 more words


Mental Health Cocktail of Bullshit

Let us talk for a moment about my particular cocktail of problems, those plagues of things that I have to fight every day whether or not I want to. 342 more words

Consumerism......the 3000 Ads a Day Diet

Consumerism is a theory or ideology in which the economic policies and structure depend on excessive amounts of consumer goods or services being used by a society. 515 more words


Trust, communication and monitoring: key issues for fracking conference

The water and energy industries met under one roof today to talk fracking.

A conference, hosted by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, heard from regulators, the shale industry, consultancies, academics and a campaign organisation. 853 more words