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Second Shift

Recently, I have been experiencing a daily cycle of my emotions.

Assuming that I am not mired in complete and utter depression, I wake up in the morning, doing fairly well.   349 more words


Baseline-Ours or Theirs?

What happens when you get to year 6? Chatting to a friend with a child just coming to the end of primary school they told me how suddenly everything changed. 896 more words

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As the new school year is looming, there's lots of talk about baseline testing for music. What 'tests' do people use, how do they convert test scores into levels/grades/whatever the heck they are using in the post-levels era? It seems there's a real market for the perfect baseline test, one that solves all the problems and provides the solutions. In this post I reflected on the minefield that is often the start of the year 7 experience in music. But whose baseline is it anyway?

What is the Baseline of Prepper Fitness?

From Backdoor Survival, by Gaye Levy, Aug 2015

Of the myriad of preparedness topics, one that is often shunned is that of prepper fitness.  It is easy to see why.  2,086 more words


Should have gone to therapy

I feel crappy.

I felt good…earlier.  Not now.

I actually was (why do we always do this) trying to decide where on the spectrum I was earlier and I was thinking I might have actually been somewhere near baseline. 606 more words


Baseline Bubble Inclinometer The

Since it’s creation in 1957, bubble wrap has become widely available to purchase. It is available in large rolls ‘ sometimes up to 100m for use in industrial packing or moving house, or smaller sheets which are ideal for ad-hoc packing tasks. 289 more words

Becoming the Batman....hurts - Day 4

As  you guys know from my last post, I had to end up taking a couple weeks up to let my wrist heal up.

Im happy to say that as of this past Sunday, my wrist is at %100 percent. 238 more words