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Hiding Out

Hello!   I’m telepathically sending Mom today’s blog from the confines of our basement.   Mom’s up on the top floor at the computer and I’m transmitting my thoughts – some of which require EDITING because there may be some questionable language.   348 more words

Life With Cats

Yard Trek: Final Frontier

These are the exploits of Basement Cat: her continuing mission to explore strange new grass, to seek out new life and new noms, to boldly go where no cat has gone before! 155 more words


Remember That Time I Crashed My ROFLCOPTER Into a LOL-LERCOASTER? That Was So Funny . . .

Here’s some lulz I made back when I was a Cheezburgerhead. In case you are not a lolcat-obsessed internet junkie, I should clarify: none of these pictures (except for the ones starring Maya, the handsome orange kitty with the white chest ruff) belong to me. Just the hilarious captions.


Wall Cat

Recently I’ve found evidence that there is a Wall Cat (the above picture).  After doing some research, I have found the following information.

I traced back the godly family and found his parents are Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat.  62 more words


Science and Superstition

In the age of science what does it take for a person to be superstitious? Myths helped our distant ancestors to make sense of the world so I understand why they exist. 105 more words