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July Twenty First, 2017

Removed the basement stairs today, getting setup for some new steel framed.  The old ones had been carpeted by a previous owner and left quite a bit of backing and adhesive I just got tired of looking at.   92 more words

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 5

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 5


At Camelot, Merlin goes to see previous Dark one. He is going to kill him then he found something, then he become the tree. 286 more words


Playroom Purge

When Spring arrived I had the itch to purge and organize. I’m not as much into the “cleaning” but I love a good declutter to start off the summer. 584 more words

The Adventure Doesn't Stop Now.

I have been volunteering in the Centre of African Studies Library since November 2016. Today, this incredible experience comes to an end and I wanted to share with you what it felt like to be part of this great journey. 495 more words

Prompt: The Attic or Basement

The prompt this week was purposely vague.

Have you ever lived in a home with an attic or basement.

What about it?


Basement Bargain - Get 65% Off Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi - Choose 16GB (Black or White)

Only $139.97! The Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi is here to transform your multimedia experience! This tablet computer is built with a 9.7-inch multi-touch display that lets you poke, prod, pinch, slide, and spread your way through photo albums, web pages, music & video playlists, and email. 8 more words

Weedeater Oozes Back to Atlanta August 9th at the Basement

Like a tar covered beast coming out of a backwoods swamp, Weedeater’s unrelenting sound sludges toward you slowly, burned, and vexed.

It’s possible the cloud of smoke they roll into their shows with is created by the endless supply of bud they’re given by admiring fans. 253 more words

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