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Getting various Linux system information

There are already countless tools and scripts out there to gather and display Linux system information, but there are also numerous reasons why you may want to do this on your own. 339 more words

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rtl_433 on a Raspberry Pi made bulletproof

Like I’ve mentioned before, I am using rtl_433 on my Raspberry Pi to receive the outside temperature and humidity from the sensor of my little weather station and store the values in a… 396 more words

Raspberry Pi

Reading the temperature from FRITZ!DECT devices

If you own a FRITZ!Box router from the German company AVM that has an integrated DECT base station, you are able to connect devices from their… 576 more words

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A Raspberry Pi WiFi Access Point for HiBal Missions

A Raspberry Pi WiFi Access Point for HiBal Missions


During Pre-flight checkout, and post-flight data dumps, I’d like a balloon payload flight computer to function as a stand alone wireless access point. 2,817 more words


WordPress PHPCS in CI

circle.yml file config

    version: 6.1.0
    - docker
    STAGE_BRANCH: master
    UAT_BRANCH: develop
    PHPCS_VER: 2.9
    WPCS_VER: 0.11.0
    PATH: $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH
    PHP_STANDARD: WordPress-Core
    - … 251 more words

Simple script to connect multipleFortiClient SSL VPN client


The FortiGate unit supports both SSL and IPSec VPN technologies. Each combines encryption and VPN gateway functions to create private communication channels over the Internet, which helps to defray physical network costs. 588 more words

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Starting Sensors on the Raspberry Pi

One concern about using a Raspberry Pi for high altitude balloon projects, is the ability to reboot the computer and restart data collection.  I’ve had power interrupted during flight missions, sometimes due to loose wires but often due to batteries dropping in voltage due to the cold.   1,190 more words