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Running a bash script in a program launcher

I have always included a “read” command at the end of a bash script if I wanted to pause the script, and keep the terminal window open, after the pre-programmed command sequence terminated. 523 more words


Server port is already used issue - Raspberry pi 3 startup

I have done IoT project with Raspberry pi (Raspberry pi 3). Server was built with node (express/SQLite3). I wanted to run my server on startup and I had to do that by using bash script. 215 more words


Portscan Using Simple Bash Script

Simple bash script to scan open port of any machine in network without any tool like nmap or any other. 55 more words


Summarize disk usage in unix

If you run out of space on a remote machine, or even your own Unix based PC, you can investigate where your disk usage problems are coming from with… 56 more words


Copy to multiple directories in Unix

You have a large file that needs to be copied to many directories. Rather than repeating:

cp yourfile.txt /your/dir/


echo /dir/one/ /dir/two/ /dir/three/ | xargs -n 1 cp yourfile.txt