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Useful AWS CLI Commands -AMI

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aws ec2 describe-images –filter Name=tag:amitype,Values=autoscale –output text | grep -i ami | awk ‘{ print  $5, $7 }’ | awk ‘NR==1{print $1}’ 109 more words

System Administration

Bash script to remove AMI's and associated snapshots older than 7 days

amiid=`aws ec2 describe-images –filter Name=tag:amitype,Values=autoscale –output text | grep -i ami | awk ‘{ print $5, $7 }’ | awk ‘NR==1{print $1}’`
time=`aws ec2 describe-images –image-ids $amiid –query ‘Images[*].’ –output text | awk ‘{ print $2 }’` 119 more words

System Administration

System V init script(start-stop-daemon)

I’ve been looking for efficient ways to start at boot my NodeJS dependent applications, with inspiration from https://gist.github.com/alobato/1968852, I modified it to my own needs. 244 more words

Raspberry Pi

SRX Performance Testing

For a project, I had to gather data in order to measure the SRX performance under different traffic loads. This was done for a SRX chassis system in cluster mode. 81 more words


Pulling arbitrary data into Domo

This post is part of a series of posts I’m doing about Domo (the Business Cloud) and how I’m using the free tier to analyze metrics around… 870 more words


Linux | Send mail using internal mail command

Hi guys

We are on VEEM+VMWare infrastructure from a while, yet I am paranoid to maintain copies of the backups on different media once after going through couple of nightmares. 346 more words

Oracle Applications (R12.0.4)

Ubuntu media server WakeOnLan

I have always been conservative when it comes to saving electricity in my household not because I want to but because 1 kWh costs me R1.87, hence I had to think of a better solution rather than running my server 24 hours per day with an average load wattage of 532W, if one does the maths it costs me roughly R23.87 per day when always on. 196 more words