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How to execute a bash script by double clicking just like .EXE files in Windows?

It is really easy to make a bash/terminal script by double clicking it just like we do in windows .exe files. Just continue with the following scripts. 109 more words


The virtualbox kernel service is not running

After a recent set of updates, booting into Linux Mint produced a (transient) pop-up message box indicating that “The virtualbox kernel service is not running”. My immediate reaction was that there must be some problem that was preventing VirtualBox from starting. 771 more words


BaTbot: un Bot per Telegram scritto in Bash

Di recente ho scritto un Bot per Telegram scritto in Bash, può ricevere e rispondere ai messaggi, eseguire comandi (configurabili anche tramite regular expression), gestire variabili, e molte altre funzioni fighe :) potete trovarlo su GitHub all’indirizzo: 7 more words

Bash Script

Shell Scripting Tutorial - 4


Now, lets perform arithmetic operation using Bash Shell Scripting . I am using `let` which allows us

Now, you can perform operation like

value++ = Increments by 1… 41 more words


IPTables: DROP Automatico con log2iptables

Nei giorni scorsi ho scritto uno script Bash per automatizzare l’inserimento di regole su iptables a fronte di pattern match su logfile. Esempio, bloccare un IP a fronte di 5 login failed su protocollo SSH. 517 more words

Bash Script

Pausing a bash script

I recently wanted to have a bash script file stop at the end of the command sequence so that I could check which disk directory was then active. 68 more words

Bash Script

Website checking and notification script

To check website is up


SITESFILE=sites.txt #list the sites you want to monitor in this file
EMAILS="japanson@example.com" # use comma to add another email

while read site; do
    if [ ! 78 more words
Bash Script