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The fastest darn Fastq decoupling procedure I ever done seen

There is a joke out there that bioinformatics is 80% file conversion, and the joke always seems to elicit uncomfortable laughs: it’s funny, but hits embarrassingly close to the mark! 759 more words


GNU/Linux - Vytvorenie nového užívateľa

Užívateľov väčšinou v Linuxe nevytváram každý deň. Nie je to žiadna zložitá operácia, ale je dobré to zvládnuť na prvýkrát, takže si to vždy veľmi rád zopakujem. 171 more words


Bash script w. gs: Compressing PDFs

Currently I am working on a paper for publication that involves high resolution data. The data set is over 30TB large! Thus to illustrate the quality of our data, it is important to include high resolution images. 1,167 more words


Dumping MongoDB database

Last couple of months I was wandering through the world of MongoDb, both as a developer and as a sysadmin. I won’t say how happy I’m with it or how much I got disappointed , I will just note that you don’t know how deep or serious you dived into a software product till the moment when you feel the need for a backup. 512 more words


Comparing sed stream output in linux

Sed is very very powerful, which is a good thing to be aware of.
I was looking to compare the output of a sed command to the original file before I wanted to execute the sed command directly on the file and came across this handy trick. 66 more words


shell shortkeys

ctrl + A/E: to beginning/end of the line

ctrl + U/K: clear the line before/after the cursor

ctrl + R: search previous commands

Alt + F/B: move cursor forward/backward one word

Linux/Quick Tip - Where am I?

I don’t know where I am half the time, it makes life twice as hard when I don’t know where I am in my computer! This is quick tip for new terminal users trying to feel comfortable in their shell! 271 more words