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What's "#!/bin/sh" in scripts

had ever Imagined whats #/bin/sh in your Shell Script??
You may have seen this many times in lot of scripts.
But question is that does it have any role? 143 more words


Installing Oracle Java8 in 3 lines


  1. apt-get is installed
  2. You have sudo authority

#add repository from webup8team & install oracle java and set as default

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update… 44 more words

Common awk tasks

1. Give names to each peak in a 3-column bed file:

$ cat Oct4_union_peaks.bed

chr1 3062833 3063056
chr1 3343519 3343843
chr1 3482630 3483324
chr1 3549654 3549895
chr1 3648929 3649295

$ awk 'BEGIN{OFS="\t"}{print $1,$2,$3,"Oct4_union_peak_" NR}' Oct4_union_peaks.bed

chr1 3062833 3063056 Oct4_union_peak_1
chr1 3343519 3343843 Oct4_union_peak_2
chr1 3482630 3483324 Oct4_union_peak_3
chr1 3549654 3549895 Oct4_union_peak_4
chr1 3648929 3649295 Oct4_union_peak_5

… 257 more words

Bash: Process null-terminated results piped from external commands

Usually when working with filenames we need to terminate each result record uniquely using the special null-character. That’s because filenames may contain special symbols, including white-space and even the newline character “\n”. 154 more words


Merging multiple commands and piping it to one output.

The unix shell is hard, but boy, sometimes it can work like magic, for instance piping two testssl.sh commands into one gist:

retinambpro1tb:testssl.sh jeroenp$ ( ./testssl.sh --version ; ./testssl.sh --local ) | gist -d "testsll version and local ciphers for Mac OS X Darwin binarries supporting zlib"

43 more words

Lisa’s Thirty-One Birthday Bash

Thirty-One Gifts is turning 13
this month, and you can join
the celebration!

Shop with me Oct. 20 for access
to a one-day sale featuring special… 15 more words


Aqua Tots Swim School Halloween Bash 10/23

Splash into some fun on October 23rd with the Aqua Tots annual Halloween bash!  This year, they are taking the pumpkins out of the patch and into their pool!  124 more words