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grab a Twitch video in mp3

You want to grab a Twitch video in mp3. For instance, you want to listen to it offline.

You need two programs for it: … 85 more words


Mastering Bash and Terminal

@tachyeonz : If there is one tool that every developer uses regardless of language, platform, or framework it’s the terminal.

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find and zip all .py files with bash

Create a Zip folder including all .py files on your computer.

via Find and Zip All .py Files — Data Science for Engineers

not to be obtuse, its a good demo of pythons capabilities; but it didnt take very long to figure out this one-liner to do more or less the same:

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Using git config to fix settings and stuff

I am a bit of a git noob so I had to poke around a bit to figure out how to fix my user.email setting. Here are some snippets of useful… 217 more words


Command Line Fu: surveillance with Raspberry Pi

Today we are building the a primitive surveillance system using a Raspberry Pi. This is our goal:

Take a picture every hour -> send it as encrypted email… 879 more words

Associative arrays/hash tables in BASH 4.x

I recently came across a scenario where I had to find a way to use hash tables in a BASH script.
Basically, I needed a script that automatically had to parse a hardware lab inventory, find some specific Supermicro Intel-based boards, obtain the IP of their IPMI interface and keep track of an associated configuration file that matches the MAC (hw address) of that respective target. 266 more words


How to mount windows drive in Ubuntu?

Normally Windows drive can be accessed from Ubuntu. However, sometimes automatic mount fails because windows locks it due to several reasons (basically when drive is not in a  clean state). 169 more words