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Stupid Git Tricks

My apologies if you speak the Queen’s English since that title probably has a whole different meaning to you than I intended. In fact, I’m talking about Git, the version control system. 80 more words

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sh vs bash vs ksh vs csh

Since the Bourne Again SHell is a superset of sh, all sh commands will also work in bash – but not vice versa. bash has many more features of its own, and, as the table below demonstrates, many features incorporated from other shells. 513 more words


Bash common features

The following features are standard in every shell. Note that the stop, suspend, jobs, bg and fg commands are only available on systems that support job control. 183 more words


Bash catching signals

Your system contains a man page listing all the available signals, but depending on your operating system, it might be opened in a different way. 1,082 more words


The Whole Damn Country Of Sweden Has Just Been Listed On Airbnb

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Just in case you wanted to go on a Scandinavian holiday. 2,101 more words


Bash functions

Shell functions are a way to group commands for later execution, using a single name for this group, or routine. The name of the routine must be unique within the shell or script. 580 more words


Bash Tips & Tricks: Handling failures in pipe

If you’re using bash, you probably know that pipes are really nice and helpful. Recently I wasted a lot of time trying to realize why one of our tests failed on data corruption (we are kind-of a storage company so this is bad) and the results were amusing (or sad, you can decide). 552 more words

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