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Stash the Bash

To the people who do their best to share uplifting messages to the depressed, to the people who post and/or send Biblical passages to enlighten the day, to the people who give their best advice with good intentions, to the people who listen, then talk, and despite everything you do, you’re being bashed, this one’s for you: 226 more words

Cerebral Complexities

macOS and Mac annoyance list

Because not everything out there is Linux. This is a collection of solutions to problems I found while using the bitten apple products.

One important issue is always  502 more words


Rotating Videos and Preserving Metadata

So this is a pet peeve that’s been biting me for a sometime.

Often when you take a picture with you phone or digital camera, the camera rotation sensor (gyroscope?) gets it wrong and ends  up taking a picture that is sideways (ie, rotated +/- 90 degrees). 192 more words


Activating python-kernel for an environment in jupyter-notebook

When you start a notebook after installing a new environment, sometimes you will not find your environment-kernel in the dropdown from the notebook.

To fix this, install ipykernel on to your desired environment. 68 more words


linux: IP and hostname in the same line

A simple composition of commands to print the hostname and IP in the same line:

$ HOSTNAME_IP=$(hostname -I) && HOSTNAME=$(hostname) | printf "$HOSTNAME_IP $HOSTNAME\n"


Gretchen and friends? Sorry, but, I and my mom would love to be friends with them.

Click video to watch Gretchen Barreto and friends’ video that made PH raise its eyebrows. Screeshot of which is below:

The content of the letter as read by Gretchen’s friend: 696 more words