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Find AWS EC2 tags and delete them

Quick script to find all tags associated with an EC2 instance, and then delete them.

Requires awscli

for i in `aws ec2 describe-tags --resource=$INSTANCE_ID --query "Tags[].ResourceId"`
aws ec2 delete-tags --resources $i

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Linux Fu: Better Bash Scripting

It is easy to dismiss bash — the typical Linux shell program — as just a command prompt that allows scripting. Bash, however, is a full-blown programming language. 84 more words

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Insert Data to Mysql Table Using Bash Command Line

To insert data from bash command line you will need username and password to your MySQL database. Consider a following table called “fruits” with auto increment “id”: 35 more words


"basename" -- Tell Me The Last Bus Stop

Few commands exist in Linux (and other Unix-derivatives) for the sole reason of aiding scripting and writing one-liners. basename is one of the little-known commands in that pack (at least for me). 310 more words


GPG key adding script for Debian*

*Debian based systems

There might be an easier way. Or maybe there is even an automatic way to do it. I couldn’t be bothered to search long enough. 127 more words


A Powerline style prompt for your shell

For a hassle free powerline like shell. Works with bash and zsh.

* Shows some important details about the git/svn/hg/fossil branch (see below)
* Changes color if the last command exited with a failure code…

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Git status with powerline


1. pip install –user powerline-gitstatus

Follow the instructions in on site https://github.com/jaspernbrouwer/powerline-gitstatus
2. Add custom highlight groups.

vim .local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/powerline/config_files/colorschemes/default.json
… 358 more words