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What If and Doubts


  • i am afraid to start my own blog.
  • i don’t have the confidence to write.
  • the people might judge me.

What If:


Hello! Newbie and Naive. 

“Why don’t you start your own blog?”

The transforming sentence that changes meaning after every reread. From interrogative sentence transitioning to exclamatory changes to imperative, indeed, the cycle never stops.

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Why my BASHERS are my biggest FAN

I know that my life is more interesting than you. (No doubt) Probably my name is starting to get out there that’s why I have you (bashers) but no worries because I accept all of you wholeheartedly and I thank you all for coming without knocking on my door. 267 more words


People Will Always Have Something To Say About You

When you have gained weight, others would say that you should shed some pounds because society dictates that being fat is ugly. When you are slender, like me, people would say that you should gain some weight before you would look like a bag of bones. 525 more words


Beyond the Hater's Hate

Hate can mask feelings that we are truly unaware of or least conscious about. It can take several means which can go from subtle to blatant.

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Here's to your Bullies and Bashers

There will always be people who don’t like you.

That’s the sad truth.

But here’s God’s message to you: You are worth dying for.

No matter how broken you are, No matter what your past is, no matter how money you have inside your wallet, no matter how many material things you have, no matter how sinful you are, YOU ARE WORTH DYING FOR. 900 more words


Opinions Only. No Accusations, Please!

There are a lot of cool people nowadays. People who will speak “what’s right” when basically these just come from their minds; copy and paste what they’ve read; and pull down people by their arrogance just so they’d be the all-knowing god. 522 more words