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So last night i posted a quote i copied from 9gag saying “find a woman who have brains, all of us have vagina” and to my surprise this afternoon, somebody messaged me, corrected my grammar (its not my quote,i just copied it, and i dont mean to proofread it!) which is,well, im a bit glad she did, of all people she noticed it, But she sounded like she got offended, take note, she’s an old lady (about late 60’s)! 189 more words


Dear Bashers/Haters

Basher: A individual who is unfriendly and/or commits harmful acts to group of people or an individual due to prejudice and/or ignorance (Ref: www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=basher)

It’s easy to hate an artist. 374 more words


What Happens When You Start a Blog

I was talking to a friend one time when he mentioned how people were afraid to blog because of the fear of getting bashed. This wasn’t the first time someone told me this, and I would always nod my head in agreement, recognizing the legitimacy of this fear, when I should have said, … 490 more words


“Ayoko talaga manood ng ******* kasi puro bashing”

“Ayoko na talaga mag-first ulit ** ****”

For someone who doesn’t like to bash, grabe ka naman maka-hate.  26 more words

Social Media Bashing, Freedom of Expression and the Thing Called Respect

I am the type of person that gets bored easily, and so I always find ways to amuse myself. Even though I am the girl who ate books, I prefer to do other things as well. 303 more words


Iya Villania defends bestfriend, saying Nikki Gil is a Virgin over bashers

Nikki Gil is a Virgin, according to Iya Villania

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Iya Villania defended Nikki Gil from a Coleen Garcia fan that was questioning Nikki’s virginity. 20 more words