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La grenouille qui refusait de sauter dans l'étang

L’épisode de Bashô qui demande à une grenouille de sauter dans l’étang est maintenant disponible en livre numérique gratuit. Lisez-le et partagez-le avec vos amis. 78 more words


A Japanese Trio

Back in the day (well, the 1990s/early 2000s – not quite so far back as my First Big Reads in the 1980s!) I went through what OH called my Japanese Period, when I was fairly obsessed with the country, its literature and its art. 1,138 more words

returning pigeons (haiga)

returning pigeons –
on the third circle

Linked to Carpe Diem Writing Techniques #8: Karumi. 

First of all, a note on these posts.  573 more words

HS-698 「閑古鳥の歌」︰ "Koekoeksnest" (vertaling)

Doordrenkt van verdriet

zing mij jouw eenzame lied,

dank je de koekoek.




uki ware wo

sabishi gara seyo




(Matsuo Bashô) 180 more words


How now, haiku!

My friend and colleague Seth La Tour is a brave soul. He has started a blog “one poem every day,” which is pretty much what it sounds like. 266 more words

The Problems of Love Poetry

Let me share with you an exchange of emails from 2004, and my later thoughts about the problems inherent in writing/reading love poetry.

To: PJS… 930 more words

On Love and Simplicity (Haiku's #4)


From across the way,

I see you looking at me

looking at you, dear.

“St Valentine”

Flowers and chocolate

for the Mulvian martyr,

for the love of Christ. 72 more words