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Haiku: Carpe Diem #694

moving with sea waves
oysters often lost their way
never to return

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rain in the park (haiga)

Linked to Carpe Diem #692: Mud Snail – where our host has shared the following haiku to inspire us:


verandah flower–
making a skillful turn…
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Coming Soon - "Vagabond Song"

Coming this summer from Elk River Books:

Vagabond Song
Neo-Haibun from the Peregrine Journals

“A poet’s song to the rewards of wandering and the joy of the highway. 226 more words


Crow haiku

Crows show up in some of the most poignant haiku. They are such marvelous creatures, it is not surprising they captured the notice of the haiku masters. 80 more words

A Useful Idea

The word Sabi has changes over the years. Originally is was a slightly longer word in Japanese, the word sabishi. In the simplest terms, that old word meant solitary or lonely. 173 more words


photo 101: hone your eye

Come out to view

the truth of flowers blooming

in poverty.


Revisiting themes during Photo 101’s weekend three as suggested by Cheri and the WordPress.com Team… 29 more words


A Definition of Sabi

In Wabi Sabi for Writers I said that sabi “was refined over the years to emphasize a state of receptivity, fostered in remote natural settings.” The legendary Japanese poet Basho was among the first to use the word and he did so to distinguish his style of poetry from others. 353 more words