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autumn eve

None goes along this way but I,

This autumn eve.



A Zen Wave

R Aitken



a heavy heart
holds my feet
the moon already striding ahead

For Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where the inspiration is Oku no Hosomichi, the haibun from Basho’s travels in the Deep North.

being seen off...

Now being seen off,

now seeing off – the outcome:

autumn in Kiso.



A Zen Wave

R Atken


Haiku la porţile Orientului

Suntem aici la porţile orientului, unde totul este (luat, lăsat, trait) mai lejer.*” Aşa se spune. Aşa este.

Am înţeles întotdeauna acest lucru, lejeritatea, ca supleţe a gândului, ca veşnică mişcare a spiritului şi a faptei, ca toleranţă a contrariilor, ca acceptare a paradoxurilor. 957 more words

Clelia Ifrim

The Essential Haiku

Deep autumn-
my neighbour,
how does he live, I wonder?


Autumn moonlight-
a worm digs silently
into the chestnut.


First day of spring- 153 more words



A haiku:

How admirable,
He who thinks not, “Life is fleeting,”
When he sees the lightning!


From the Buddha:

So you should veiw this fleeting world a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream, a flash of lightning in a summer cloud, a flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream.


November 22

Sadly, I part from you;
Like a clam torn from its shell,
I go, and autumn too.

Distance, felt viscerally.
Almost winter, this cool sun… 69 more words