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Why I Have My Head In the Clouds

Last night I took the dog out just as an excuse to admire the sky. To fully appreciate it I didn’t immediately reach for the camera, I waited for my mind to clear, bent my neck back and the sky’s beauty sent my consciousness adrift with the clouds. 584 more words

Basic Chemistry

Electron Excitation

As previously discussed, atoms have a nucleus made of protons and neutrons surrounded by an electron cloud. An electron cloud is a way to describe where the electrons might be at any one time. 247 more words


Astronomical Beauty of Hydrogen

If you enjoy chemistry, physics and math, it’s difficult not to love astronomy. Where else can you find an extraterrestrial interplay of this trio of intellectual endeavours? 778 more words

Basic Chemistry

Some Leading Questions About Lead

The ancients were drawn to lead because of its combination of properties: low-melting, very malleable and resistant to corrosion. But it turned out to be very toxic. 1,225 more words

Basic Chemistry

Halaman Satu Basic

Kimia satu. Kimia satu per satu. Kimia menjadi satu. Kimia satu. Kimia satu per satu. Kimia menjadi satu. Kimia satu. Kimia satu per satu. Kimia menjadi satu.  54 more words

Basic Chemistry

Arsenic Still Leaching from Old Decks

In January of 2004, Canada and the United States started to phase out the manufacture and sale of wood treated with copper, chromium and arsenic (CCA). 918 more words

Basic Chemistry

Teori Atom

Teori Atom Dalton

Teori Atom Bohr

Teori Kwantum

Basic Chemistry