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Linux Commands Basic Date and Calendar

Display date: type ‘date’ at command prompt
# date
Sun Jul 19 13:29:53 EDT 2015
How to Clear Contents at Linux command Console
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Get the exact CPU Utilization and load

Shows the CPU’s in the system:
# cd /sys/devices/system/cpu
# ls -lrt |grep cpu

To view Processors information:
# more /proc/cpuinfo

Find number of total CPU’s cores on the system, (1physical processor – 2 CPU cores): 15 more words

Basic Commands

Server Monitoring

What exactly is server load?
Server load or Load is the actual CPU load. Larger the value of server load indicates a the measure for server’s performance.Load expresses the number of processes that are in the queue to access the processor. 421 more words

Basic Commands

How to change the value of PHP memory_limit

To change the value of the memory_limit variable, open your php.ini file in an editor:
# vi /usr/local/lib/php.ini

Now find the line that begins with memory_limit. 11 more words

Basic Commands

Check php memory limit

check php memory limit on linux/CentOS server:

# php -i | grep memory
It shows its output as given below,
memory_limit => 512M => 512M

Basic Commands

To start SMTP ( Dovecot service), when SMTP service is down:

To start SMTP ( Dovecot service), when SMTP server is down:
# /etc/init.d/dovecot restart
If still it does not start with this, then use the below command to get this done. 93 more words

Basic Commands