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Training Strays vs Foreign Dogs

Are stray dogs easier to train than foreign trained dogs?

For example, a dog that has been trained by a foreigner for 2 years and follows different commands than usual or a two-year old stray dog. 186 more words


How to teach your dog: Cross paws!

Method 1: Targeting.

You will need an object that is the size of your dogs paw and is kind of flat.

step 1 :

Basic Commands

Training Basics to a Puppy

For those of you who follow my Facebook Page, you know that I have started bringing Noble with me to work. The reason I have decided it was time to bring him to work was because he is pretty solid on basic commands and is up to dat on his shots. 280 more words

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

How To Train Your Dog: Targeting

Targeting is the first thing a dog should learn. It helps to lure them to teach other tricks like sit or spin. You can use a target stick or just your hands.

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