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Basic Economics, with Thomas Sowell

This segment with Peter Robinson is an interesting discussion about current events from the perspective of Thomas Sowell, author of Basic Economics.

Around 22 minutes in, Robinson asks: 777 more words

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Do tax hikes, welfare spending and minimum wage hikes lower income inequality?

Here’s Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore to explain.

He writes:

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently appeared on one of the late night talk shows, beating the class warfare drum and arguing for billions of dollars in new social programs paid for with higher taxes on millionaires and billionaires.

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Walter E. Williams: Go Read Sowell's 'Basic Economics'

NewsBusters: “Whether one is a conservative or a radical, a protectionist or a free trader, a cosmopolitan or a nationalist, a churchman or a heathen, it is useful to know the causes and consequences of economic phenomena.” That quotation, from Nobel laureate George J. 54 more words



Production is defined as the combination of the factors of production, in the quest to create goods for consumption.

Note: production is never complete, untill goods produced reaches the final consumer(s). 178 more words


Basic economics

Economics as a field of study is classified into two(macro and micro economics). Economics also has diverse definitions.
But generally, economics is said to be a science that studies human behaviour. 156 more words


Hillary Clinton Knows NOTHING About Economics

The idiocy on display here is increasingly typical of Democrats as a whole.