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Donald Trump plans to default on our debt and/or embrace hyper-inflation

In the past, I’ve given reasons to social conservatives to explain why no social conservative could vote for Donald Trump, even to stop Hillary. Trump is “very pro-choice”, favors partial birth abortion, is liberal on gay rights, is an unrepentant adulterer and a serial divorcer. 603 more words


How to save money efficiently

My wife suggested I started this blog on how to save money efficiently. Not sure who is writing this, myself or her! Well that is easy I said, ‘you just don’t spend it!’ Apparently that is not what she meant and now she isn’t happy with me for being sarcastic. 202 more words

Basic Economics

Desiring God asks: is socialism in conflict with Christianity?

My friend Kevin sent me this amazing article about socialism, which appeared at Desiring God (!!!), of all places. It was authored by Phillip Holmes, who – I see from his picture -has dark skin like me, which is awesome! 1,053 more words


If Sweden and Germany became US states, they would be among the poorest states

There seems to be a lot of talk among Democrats and native young people to the effect that European countries have less “income inequality” thanks to bigger government, higher taxes, and more social spending. 730 more words


New study: Bernie Sanders' budget would raise taxes $13.6 trillion over a decade

It’s very strange to me that young people seem to like Bernie Sanders’ rhetoric so much. Have they really considered what his budget would require? 1,469 more words


Understanding Economics: Introduction to a Crash Course

Disclaimer:  The book, “Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy,” by Thomas Sowell, is being used as a reference and textbook of sorts for this crash course in economics. 492 more words

Free Market Economy

Trump supported the bank bailout and auto bailout, Cruz opposes all bailouts

I have two friends who are Trump supporters. I’ve been going over Trump’s record with them, and I thought that I would blog some of the evidence I presented here. 1,044 more words