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How did Obama's plan to let government run student loans work out?

I’m a free-market capitalist, so I believe that economic decision-making is best done by the people it concerns, not the people in government. If it is a decision that affects the family, let the family decide. 585 more words


How much does the average American corporation make in profit?

A while back, there was a story about how Americans vastly overestimate how many people in the USA are homosexual. According to Gallup polls in 2011, Americans estimated that 25% of the people in America were homosexual. 652 more words


How well is socialized health care working in Britain?

Back in 2009, a radical leftist named Paul Krugman wrote about the health care system in Britain. As a leftist, it’s his view that government-run health care is better than free market health care. 932 more words


Ted Cruz in CNN debate: taxing the rich 100% isn't enough to pay for socialism

On CNN, you get anti-conservative propaganda 24 hours a day. The only exception are the policy debates they sometimes air, in which intelligent conservatives get to speak. 1,103 more words


1. Fundamental of Economics - Basics

Before I talk about two types of economics which would be very familiar to you – Micro and Macro economics – there are some basic knowledge that we should know in order to understand them properly. 595 more words

Basic Economics

Why Basic Economics is Not Working in Indian Real Estate

Over the weekend I appeared on the CNBC Awaaz’s Pehredar show, discussing what else but the ‘sad’ state of India’s real estate.

At some point of time we started discussing the unsold inventories of builders. 1,173 more words