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Can you “see” where to make the two folds that will leave you with only yellow (only blue) showing on one side of the paper? 228 more words


10 New Year's Resolutions for the Math Classroom

1. praise effort, not correct answers
2. make sure my students know their intelligence is not fixed: hard work pays off
3. make my classroom a safe place for students to take risks… 65 more words

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It's Not about Coding, It's not about iPads, Smartboards or Apps. WE MUST TEACH STUDENTS TO THINK...

WHEN I spend too long at my computer, working on materials to help teachers work with students, to help build understanding in mathematics and science, I start to have “panic” type attacks.  775 more words


No Need to Count N.N.C.

Students use dot cards to see that numbers are in numbers.

If you look into 10 you will see 5 + 5 and 3 + 2 + 3 + 2. 51 more words


Multiplication Fact Practice in the 21st Century Classroom

A problem solving approach engages the senses to inspire visualization and engagement. When students have to puzzle and think, they build conceptual memories that last. Finger Fold Puzzles are a way to engage in daily practice that focuses on Distributive Property, Commutative Property and building Mental FLUENCY with facts. 151 more words

Use What You Know to Figure Out What You Don’t Know

I was working with some students this week who were learning their “basic facts” in multiplication. These are generally considered to be those one-digit times one-digit problems that we use when we figure out the products of multi-digit problems. 449 more words

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Decimal Posts

Just returned from SWATCA in Lethbridge. Great teachers, super organizers, reflective and engaging sessions. I have posted some ideas about decimals under my Fraction and Decimal Fraction section. 35 more words