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Take Care, Woman!


The Indonesian woman my friend hired was extradited, I hope, that with this article, she can feel my well-wishes for her.

This young woman in her twenties, five months ago, arrived in Taiwan, and, perhaps maybe she was born in a small distant village in Indonesia, she’d not known how to use a lot of the household appliances, and didn’t know how to do some of the basic household chores, my friend took a lot of time to teach her. 644 more words

The Consequences Of Life


A professional gave me a copy of a page in a book, 86 T.I.P.S for the Therapeutic Toolbox, written by Judith A. Belmont, M.S., to help me understand where I stand as a woman. 371 more words

Filtered Water

Growing up in southern California tap water was never much of an option. First off it is always a substantial drought down there so that puts a cap on household water use all together. 650 more words


LISA RENEE - Time Shift Blog - Dealing with Aggressors - Aug, 2015

LISA  RENEE   –   Time Shift Blog   –    Dealing with Aggressors   –   Aug, 2015



We are experiencing a ramping up of chaotic intensity of the many complex energies that are in the environment, and that tends to increase our exposure to aggressive, intimidating or controller personalities. 1,752 more words


A voice for the voiceless

When I first came across this poster I was struck by its creativity and impact. The voices of many women globally continue to be left unheard while others decide their lifestyle and futures. 83 more words

Attacked by acid for ‘looking at a boy’

She turned.

It was him.

Soft eyes.

Ruffled hair.

It was quick.

A glance.

He smiled.

She looked away.

 And in a flash it was over. 260 more words

Oil and Extractive Economies ...

Now how about that post about extractive economies?  hmmm. Book to read:  “Why Nations Fail” Really interesting read. I observe that the common notion of “extractive economy” equates to the extraction of natural resources, mining, forestry, fishery, and so on, from the bank of resources serendipitously found in the particular piece of real-estate any nation has the good fortune to find themselves sitting upon when that resource is in demand. 937 more words

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