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The Filth

“You dirt! What are you doing there? Don’t you know which area you’re in?” He screamed his guts out. I pulled up the zip at once and tried to leave but a tight grip on my collar and some nails piercing through the back of my neck held me back. 611 more words

Short Story

Advocacy and activism for people with dementia

This week, it is Dementia Awareness Week in the UK, and I have been publishing daily blogs on the Dementia Alliance International website as part of our contribution to it, in part because we have a lot of UK members, and also to highlight some of the presentations at ADI2015. 396 more words

Daily Blog

For peace and for our persecuted brothers and sisters

Due to our certain vocations in life, we may never speak in government and be influential in pushing policies that protect our basic human rights. Yet, we do have a primary vocation to holiness. 22 more words


神宮通公園- Saving a Home for the Homeless of Tokyo

Public spaces and parks have always served many essential roles in the lives of cities:  They preserve spaces for plants and animals living in the urban jungle, they provide a commerce free zone to enjoy life freely, they naturally foster peace and calm among the bustle, and they provide a relatively safe refuge from commercial and private space for those who need it. 217 more words


The Extensions of Ferguson, Two Officers Gunned Down in Front of the Police Stations

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The police chief of the city of Ferguson, where the white officer shot an African American student turned in his resignation on the eleventh, the crowd gathered in front of the police station, to show their displeasures.   364 more words


Because I Am A Girl

I have seen so much media about this cause and how they want to make girls and women from other countries equal rights and I think that girls and women should have a choose to be independent and have the right to do things just like men have right to do things. 858 more words

The World

A deathless death - child brides

Soft cries muffled by mother’s sweet voice,

Angry tears shadowed by the crowds rejoice,

The man stands tall, so proud of his choice,

The little girl, dressed in red and turquoise. 140 more words