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A voice for the voiceless

When I first came across this poster I was struck by its creativity and impact. The voices of many women globally continue to be left unheard while others decide their lifestyle and futures. 83 more words

Attacked by acid for ‘looking at a boy’

She turned.

It was him.

Soft eyes.

Ruffled hair.

It was quick.

A glance.

He smiled.

She looked away.

 And in a flash it was over. 260 more words

Oil and Extractive Economies ...

Now how about that post about extractive economies?  hmmm. Book to read:  “Why Nations Fail” Really interesting read. I observe that the common notion of “extractive economy” equates to the extraction of natural resources, mining, forestry, fishery, and so on, from the bank of resources serendipitously found in the particular piece of real-estate any nation has the good fortune to find themselves sitting upon when that resource is in demand. 937 more words

Pen As Sword - Social Commentary

The Straw that broke the Camel's back

A lot can be said about South Africa, her history and her people, some of it good, some of it bad, depending on how you want to view life. 964 more words

South Africa

My First Same Sex Wedding (G-uno)

As I stood on the boardwalk waiting for the limo to arrive with both brides it occurred to me that the most extraordinary part of life is that no matter how difficult things can be there are those moments so filled with love, and joy you can actually feel the long forgotten feeling of pure happiness. 333 more words


The Filth

“You dirt! What are you doing there? Don’t you know which area you’re in?” He screamed his guts out. I pulled up the zip at once and tried to leave but a tight grip on my collar and some nails piercing through the back of my neck held me back. 611 more words

Short Story

Advocacy and activism for people with dementia

This week, it is Dementia Awareness Week in the UK, and I have been publishing daily blogs on the Dementia Alliance International website as part of our contribution to it, in part because we have a lot of UK members, and also to highlight some of the presentations at ADI2015. 396 more words

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