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Move over, Minimum Wage; here’s Basic Income

I am amazed at how much press coverage has recently been given to Guaranteed Basic Income programs, as a replacement to government welfare and or/minimum wage legislation . 675 more words


Basic income guarantee – an economic idea whose time has in-come?

Forget minimum wage – what if we were all could count on a basic income guarantee (BIG)?

The idea was given a trial run back in the 1970s in the town of Dauphin, Man., by the New Democratic Party government of the day – only to be scrapped, halfway through, by a Progressive Conservative government, which had swept to office in Winnipeg. 1,388 more words


Money for Free (2015)

If you aren’t familiar with guaranteed basic income programs, here is a good documentary to help inform yourself. -LW

VPRO Backlight talks about the need for social security experiments to give people the opportunity to make the most of their own talents and qualities. 380 more words


Swiss referendum on an unconditional basic income to go ahead in 2016

This post was prompted by a BIEN article by Karl Widerquist, Associate Professor at SFS-Qatar, Georgetown University, specialises in political philosophy.

His research is mostly in the area of distributive justice. 369 more words