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Flim Weakly

He wrote these in crayon.

This week I had the BEST DOUBLE BILL…….EVER!

“Basic Instinct”

Someone is killed by an evil lesbian. Kirk Douglas investigates the vagina of the main suspect, but he gets lost because she’s really clever and sexy and doesn’t wear clothes when she has sex with him. 138 more words


Modern Femme Fatales

Artwork by Sophie Squire

A femme fatale is defined as an attractive and seductive woman who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her. 1,258 more words

Anything And Everything

Follow Your Basic Instinct

Style is simple when you stick to the basics—a sophisticated and crisp white dress capable of going from the office to a night out on the town. 64 more words


Some More "Short" Film Ratings

Another edition of More Short Film Ratings including Basic Instinct, The Departed, 500 Days of Summer, 10 Things I Hate About You and The Impossible… 1,485 more words


Winners, Losers, and Survivors: A Crime Blog [Basic Instinct]

Welcome to San Francisco Crime Month, where I look at SF-based crime films, decade by decade. Today I will begin the 1990s, with the 1992 Paul Verhoeven film, Basic Instinct. 907 more words

San Francisco

Character: How will I act? How should I react? What is the outcome?

Your character speaks to the heart of everyone you encounter.  Character is how you choose to act and react to your environment. Your choices will provoke emotions in people and emotions transform into memories. 360 more words


On the edge of passion

It takes a strong mind to do that… a strong body too, but basically it takes a strong mind. It takes nights, days, years of reflecting upon the process so you can recognize the next steps… it takes experience to be able to deal with… it takes patience and determination… to want NOT TO… to choose NOT TO… even if you could do it… even if you’re allowed to… even if there is no reason to avoid it… even if your body- being “hungry” for ages- seems to beg you to go further, to do it, to let yourself be, to get in the line with the other human beings… 301 more words