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Fear: It’s amazing how it can grasp us.

It is built into our DNA. It is something we feel intrinsically. It is a necessity. When we are children, fear can keep us safe. 488 more words

Sharon Stone: Wild Thing

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!

You’ve got a hot date with Sharon Stone.  Not present-day Stone, but Stone just before she became a star.  Basic Instinct was about to be released and the Hollywood gossips were going to town.   5,433 more words


Day 38 - Basic Instinct - 1992

The main premise of this film is about a cop trying to solve the case of a murder that takes places in the opening sequence in the film. 450 more words


Rageballs and Ribbits

Otherwise known as “when your inner toddler runs shit”

Last week at work I had a day that I was so hangry today that I would have tripped a toddler with a happy meal.   1,309 more words


Hibernate no more
Maidens strum their golden lyre
Zealous flock takes flight


Objectification in Film

Ann Kaplan suggested, in response to Laura Mulvey, that objectification is necessary for full intimacy between both parties, that sex, as a primitive act, does require objectification. 1,593 more words

Film Rant

“You think you can fuck like minks, raise rugrats, and live happily ever after? Aw, man!” – Basic Instinct (1992) directed by Paul Verhoeven