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Films I Watched When I Was Younger – Issue 9: Basic Instinct

As a teenager there was really only one reason that I, or any of my friends, bothered to watch 1992’s Basic Instinct. In much the same way as you might have raised an eyebrow had anyone claimed that they read Playboy for the articles (obviously before the internet removed the necessity for such lies – I presume anyone who still buys Playboy today might genuinely be doing so for the articles), you would certainly have had good reason to have been sceptical if any of my peers had made the claim that they watched Basic Instinct for the gripping storyline. 468 more words


In Defence Of Showgirls

As part of our new occasional series in which we defend the indefensible, David Flint explains why Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls is a masterpiece. 1,733 more words


Everybody's Doing It...or Are They?

The final Fifty Shades movie hits theaters this weekend steaming up cineplexes everywhere.  These days, “sexy” movies are a rarity.  But not so long ago, movies were filled with racy scenes that were rumored to be the real deal.  3,564 more words


Elle (2016)

This proved to be quite a disappointment. I’ve been a huge fan of Paul  Verhoeven’s films in the past (although I never watched Showgirls) but this one just left me cold. 796 more words


Quad Cinema Brings Erotic Thrillers From Brian De Palma, Paul Verhoeven & More Back To The Big Screen

Well, it’s officially February, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to catch up on the cinematic canon of erotic thrillers. 268 more words


Sharon Stone Has Been Very Agile With Her Career

Actress Sharon Stone has had a fantastic career thanks to her ability to be agile when it came to her image.  When Hollywood thought being sexy was a different type of figure than what Stone had she morphed and quickly posed for Playboy. 340 more words

Our Animal Instinct

I don’t know why men have such high morals when it comes to sex.

We, as the male sex, think it’s ok to go out and fuck whoever we want, whenever we want and however often we want. 818 more words

My Secret Life