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Character: How will I act? How should I react? What is the outcome?

Your character speaks to the heart of everyone you encounter.  Character is how you choose to act and react to your environment. Your choices will provoke emotions in people and emotions transform into memories. 467 more words


On the edge of passion

It takes a strong mind to do that… a strong body too, but basically it takes a strong mind. It takes nights, days, years of reflecting upon the process so you can recognize the next steps… it takes experience to be able to deal with… it takes patience and determination… to want NOT TO… to choose NOT TO… even if you could do it… even if you’re allowed to… even if there is no reason to avoid it… even if your body- being “hungry” for ages- seems to beg you to go further, to do it, to let yourself be, to get in the line with the other human beings… 301 more words


Crossroad with strangers - part II

Damn! I was going to start my post with the emphatic sentence: ‘A couple of months ago I wrote a post on the same topic..’, and build an intelligent paragraph around that but I have realized that I published the post June last year and the formula was not going to work. 667 more words


Three Michael Douglas (2015)

1. Wall Street.
2. Basic Instinct.
3. The War of the Roses.
Like no other-
And has a cool father.


Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things that don’t show…Christian Dior

It was going to be a happy day. After months of being in and out of rehab, my brother-in-law was returning home. His current rehab center was about an hour away from me, so I was a bit late in getting there to do all the discharge baloney. 402 more words

Basic Instinct (1992)

Basic Instinct is Paul Verhoeven’s classic noir erotic thriller starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.  Ostensibly, it concerns a police investigation about the murder of a politically connected rock star, who was killed by an ice pick.   376 more words

Movie Review

Film Review: "Fifty Shades of Grey" (2015)

If you think being an actor is the most fun work in the world, then you`re mistaken. Believe this job is one of the most difficult because an actor must transform himself, or herself, into the character they portray and convince us of that character’s existence. 613 more words

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