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Basic Instinct

“Life is sometimes complicated,” Khaitom (boiled egg), my young male cat, five years old, told me. I was surprised by his words. I usually hear this phrase from the Hollywood movies. 279 more words


The Worst Types of Lovers Only Pop Culture Could Create

I’d written this piece for my classes (along with Somebody Needs to Fly the Plane!) in order to demonstrate the structure of a classification essay, and, in fact, I used it today, along with a couple of solid student examples. 1,341 more words

Pop Culture


A perfect compliment to Punkflop’s Wednesday track, The Acid make sure you put today’s two tracks on loop.


Midnight Jams - Basic Instinct

The Acid’s “Basic Instinct” is one of my all-time favorite songs; it’s got this indie-electroish-guitar strumming vibe to it that I love. I first heard this song on the  92 more words


The Femme Fatale Fiasco

Just a poster from a YWCA event that went against the grain. We were supposed to address domestic violence, women’s rights, etc. I was contracted at the time and told to come “hard” and “confrontational” (as if I needed to be told that). 266 more words

The Acid - Basic Instinct

Time for some new jams.

I’m not sure if you’re ready though.

Maybe just take a minute. Treat this listening experience as if you’ve received a phone call where the caller insists that you sit down before they tell you the news of some extravagant life event. 343 more words


Gone Girl

Watching Gone Girl is like watching a mashup of Basic Instinct and So I Married An Axe Murderer.

Nick is in a loveless marriage but just doesn’t have the heart to leave. 417 more words