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Summary of spot system


Healthy eating with the system already told us how to get their best corresponds to the heat budget with healthy eating, and then select the healthy core food with reasonable mint, and also offers 12 kinds of magic weight-loss food to help us to easily create recipes.However, our only good recipes weight-loss plan is not enough, and only with proper exercise is the perfect weight-loss program. 212 more words

Weight Loss Basics


As mentioned earlier, do not make good long-term starvation, in addition to balanced meals, the small meals often is a very good way.This is the meaning of snacks, frequent meals throughout the day to spread energy intake, the body is not hungry, stay strong metabolism, while making more energy. 128 more words

Weight Loss Basics

Excess sugar

Excess sugar production process of food production or to add extra sugar in the short.

Excess sugar is often because the surface can not see, but also increase the food’s delicious and is ignored. 99 more words

Weight Loss Basics

Luxury heat

If you think a calorie is a luxury you eat a piece of biscuit, an ice cream calories, you’re wrong. Heat is not a luxury that you completely non-core food intake of calories, but to the non-core foods, in addition to the heat to meet the nutrition you need that part of the heat outside, simply, is that part did not provide How many good nutrition, accounted for a lot of calories to heat things. 367 more words

Weight Loss Basics

Core Food

Core diet food is nutrition, we should choose intensive food. Core foods have high nutritional value and contains all the food groups.

You just do: 513 more words

Weight Loss Basics


1, the range of soy foods

Mature or nearly mature soybeans and soybean products, such as soy, dried bean, vegetarian chicken, tofu, soy milk and so on. 234 more words

Weight Loss Basics


1, the range of milk and dairy products

Milk and milk as the main raw material in food, such as cheese, yogurt and so on. However, little or no calcium content of dairy products do not belong here, the scope of milk and milk products, such as ice cream, cheese, ice cream, and butter. 259 more words

Weight Loss Basics