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When even basic needs are not met

I still remember those early days when I just moved to China. I lived in Yangshuo, a touristy little town in Guangxi province. There was luckily a decent expat community, so I still had Western conversations and didn’t have to speak Chinese. 474 more words

Life's Philosophy

Rights of people on water.

Social and economic development is not possible without basic social infrastructure for human development. Social infrastructure for human need means building a strong foundation of human development towards a dignified life for all. 173 more words

Basic Needs

Man Creates Free ‘Vending Machine’ for Homeless

A young man named Huzaifah Khaled, in Nottingham, England couldn’t help but be struck by the increase in homelessness he saw in his hometown. Looking into their daily lives, he saw how difficult it was for many of them to get food, clothing, and other basics. 286 more words


Choosing the Basic Needs- Philosophy of Human Behavior

1. Choosing a Life Partner

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When it comes to choosing our life partners, we as humans tend to choose partners not much like other mammals do, for example an ox would prefer not to choose a skinnier cow over a chubby one, because his subconscious mind tells him that the offsprings from the chubbier one are likely be more healthy. 507 more words

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Basic Needs

Unemployed, disenfranchised, disillusioned and disadvantaged people only care for simple things: food, shelter, clothing, access to health and education for their children. The rest are details. 221 more words


Basic Needs Resource Brokering Webinar Recording

For those interested in learning more about the Basic Needs Resource Brokering Requests for Proposals who were unable to join our live webinar,  you can view the recording of the info session below: 29 more words

Request For Proposals

Shop Review: Hey Mom Shop

Most moms have a tough time when their kids are sick. They have to multitask: doing the common household chores, taking care of the family and taking care of the sick child. 298 more words