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A Word Spread Over Bread

I remember years ago working on the side at a group home for mentally ill and being exposed to a pyramid model called Maselow’s Hierarchy.  Abraham Maselow was a psychological theorist that put basic human needs on the first level of the pyramid (food, shelter etc) and that a human cannot do well in the higher levels of need unless the basics are addressed.  749 more words

Colombia: New Killings, Disappearances in Pacific Port. Diana, Salazar

Living space in which the “displaced people” are housed. It shows how government provided housing for those trying to escape abuses are living under conditions that do not meet basic living standards. 467 more words

Annotated Bibliography

The Marijuana Model.

For the purpose of my blog i will call the big idea ‘The Marijuana Model’ and will link the marijuana plant to our daily basic needs. 1,152 more words

Providing Support in Nepal

On April 25, the country of Nepal suffered a devastating earthquake of 7.8 magnitude that took the lives of over 3,000 and caused extensive destruction to much of the region’s infrastructure. 62 more words


Simplify Your Life

In September of 2014 I took a solo month-long road trip across the country.  All of my belongings for survival fit into one Chevy Cruzer.  During that month I came to realize that I could survive on much less than I was used to.   1,161 more words


A Note of Gratitude

(Sorry, Lisa, no sarcasm today.)

I am always aware of how blessed I am, and how I have no rights really to complain about anything.  Being of reasonable good health, in a lovely home with the most remarkably patient and loving husband, and mother of two daughters who continue to delight me with their ways of living life, I truly have it all. 174 more words

Black Lives Matter To Me

Oh, hell. I went on the internet and clicked on what was called a “Top News Story” this morning about the “Unrest in Baltimore”, and I am fuming. 1,119 more words