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Why a nation cannot develop strongly?

It is a question for professors or PHD to answer. I am just an undergraduate student, I do not get the answer, but have some thoughts about this question. 688 more words

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Reflective Blog #5

Reflective Blog #5

This week I have had the chance to review information based around how to do a literature review, and begun my work on this, as well as the second article critique. 706 more words

The Effectiveness of Our Pens

‘The effectiveness of our pens have kept us in a continuous wave of thoughts to keep on writing and not to stop.’ said by J.B. Njee. 632 more words

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The Importance of Fitness

I know fitness is something with which much of this nation struggles. It is something everyone cares about, but often has difficulty finding time for. I am not as fit as I would like to be and I am working on a lot of things. 769 more words


2-1-1/LIFE LINE Announces Annual Award Recipients

Andre Stokes was the recipient of our annual 2-1-1/LIFE LINE “Answer the Call” Award today as part of our 2-1-1 Day Celebrations.  The “Answer the Call” award is presented annually to the 2-1-1/LIFE LINE staff member who, through demonstrated knowledge of available resources and proven excellence in dealing with individuals with a life need or crisis, exemplifies the values of the 2-1-1/LIFE LINE program, Goodwill of the Finger Lakes, and our commitment to serving people in our community. 35 more words

Using Radical Acceptance to Overcome the Shame of Wanting

Last night I lay awake, reading the book Radical Acceptanceby Tara Brach. I began reading the section called “The Emergence of a Wanting Self.” Normally I read for a half hour, but I stopped early to meditate on what I read. 451 more words

The Importance of Skills

One thing that can never be taken away from you when the things go bad is what you know how to do. A lot of preppers focus on things that they can horde away and keep to make sure they will be okay. 947 more words