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The Job Offer

What would you do if someone gave you a really, really cool job that allowed you to travel all over the world? One with lots of risk, but even greater reward. 942 more words

Stay Focused

If It Isn't Love...

**cue up the New Edition record**. So many songs about love…what it feels like, what it sounds like, hell, what it tastes like. It isn’t a negative emotion, experience, feeling. 720 more words


Balance and Dual side

Dear you

Balance : You tend to understand this word better by age, refine wine , as a kid all you want is to destroy things, disproportionate everything around you , harmony and balance needed distortions.Bright , chaos, contrast are your prime keywords.But, as you tend to grow up , you know you need something but you quite exactly don’t know what is it and quite do not want to accept  words like balance, harmony , rhythm, discipline , they appear quite boring and monotonous, as opposed to your hormonal and fierce side .You forge your way through this and by the time you are my age ( as per individual experiences, life story, understanding, intellect )eventually, you quite start to remove the mist and start to seek, appreciate and create balance around you . 617 more words


The Most Basic Need

Maslow’s hierarchy places physical needs at the base level. We cannot even assess higher needs if we fail to meet our basic needs. Food is a basic need. 333 more words

Spiritual Life

Basic Necessities

When you move to one of the wealthiest countries on earth, you expect that basic necessities are a given. And yet, today I woke up in Switzerland with no running water (which also meant no flushing toilets). 230 more words

UNICEF Report Describes Grim Trends for the Poorest Children

A new UNICEF report reveals that while the Millennium Development Goals contributed to “tremendous progress for children”, it may also encourage nations to measure progress only by statistical averages, in which cases the poorest and most vulnerable children are usually ignored. 38 more words