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What About An Underground House?

Underground Rock Home

When we first moved to the suburbs, our new neighbors mentioned a group of underground houses located in our town. The houses were hidden in a very wooded area that was accessed by a small barely paved road. 394 more words

Positive Thinking

3 mistakes strong people can avoid to be happy​.​

Strong women and men, do you want to be happier? Strong, defined as you get up early, grind out work all day, and help others to get better through your generosity? 757 more words


That is a mother's responsibility!

Normally I use my blog to write about the power abuse committed against the Palestinians by the Israeli occupation, and western democratic hypocrisy.

I’m borrowing the blog to write about my battle against CPS Norway and their abuse of power against me and my child these days. 1,830 more words


How To Truly Help

I’ve been working my way through a really cool course… it’s all about how those of us who work with Indigenous people can cultural safety in our practice.  439 more words


26th Sunday of the Year - The rich man and Lazarus

Study:  Is there a particular need that keeps coming to your attention?  Reflect on how your resources might be used to help another.

Pray:  Ask the Lord to see more clearly the needs of the poor and respond with wisdom and compassion. 290 more words


The boy I met ten years ago.

It was on Autumn’s reign that lead me to walk past this road. I liked going for evening walks. I’d stop and have momos on the way. 421 more words

There Was This Teacher

The current cover of Educational Leadership, the journal for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, headlines just two words – Relationships First. I love it that thousands of teachers across the U.S. 812 more words

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