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Roti, Kapda aur Makan

‘Roti, Kapda aur Makan’ is a very common idiom in Hindi meaning ‘Food, Clothes and Housing/Shelter’, denotes the basic necessities of life. Roti i.e. Food… 567 more words

roses in concrete

In my last post I shared a bit of what I had learned at a district-run two day institute on positive school-wide engagement. There was another speaker there on the second day who really challenged me to think about how I am teaching my students. 723 more words

What is your definition of poverty?

What would it mean to end poverty? It would be helpful to define what poverty means as it could mean different things.  Absolute poverty would mean being without basic needs.  210 more words

Basic Needs

Basic needs and reinforcement

Reinforcement – noun, a procedure, as a reward or punishment that alters a response to a stimulus.

When we think about it, human basic needs are as follows and in no particular order: air, food, shelter, sanitation, sex, water, companionship, sleep, and personal boundaries. 888 more words

Turning into a Zombie in Examination Period? Here are my tips to staying super relaxed!

Do you want to be focused and productive while preparing for exams and writing research papers? And do you also want to enjoy your life while examinations are coming up? 779 more words

Study With Joy

My Love Life According to Maslow

“How’s a girl like you still single? You’re so dope!” 

“I bet plenty of men are after you huh?” 

“You could probably have any man you wanted to couldn’t you?”  661 more words


Prepare to look after your Health


This might be difficult – especially for those who refuse the chip (or the ‘mark of the beast’ as it is named in Scripture). If we are part of the remnant, we will be on the outer of society. 319 more words