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Communication is Key, Understanding His & Her Needs

Story By Kristi Paris

Most of us understand all too well, the stinging pain of a knife stabbing into our hearts; at the very moment we discover our spouse cheating. 1,210 more words

Informative Writing

Is it 'selfish' to have needs?

Clients will often seem puzzled when I ask them what their needs are in life. Some will even deny they have needs at all or regard it as somehow selfish to acknowledge them. 444 more words


Life, energy, and poop in Madagascar

What a crazy two weeks! My time in Madagascar came and went in a blink of an eye. Our hosts Ravaka, Jimmy, Malala, and Michard were incredible hosts- and I can’t thank them enough. 1,019 more words

Social Entrepreneurship

What is it to be a Friend?

Definition of a friendship. A series of questions. How do we choose them? A mystery. It’s like asking why certain women catch my eye. Or why I was lucky enough to have three of them love me. 510 more words


आर्थिक महाशक्ति के रूप में भारत का मिथक और यथार्थ

किसी आर्थिक महाशक्ति के पास एक सौ अरबपति भी हो सकते हैं, परन्तु बुनियादी सवाल जिसका देश की अर्थव्यवस्था और राज्यतन्त्र को जबाव देना है, वह यह है कि क्या इन अरबपतियों का देश में विद्दमान गरीबी, बेरोजगारी, वंचन, और भूख पर प्रभाव पड़ता है?

Basic Needs

Figurative Needs

If you tried to go out in public wearing the actual, physical, as-described-in-the-Bible armor of God, you might get arrested for indecent exposure.

The belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, peace-proclaiming shoes of your choice, shield of faith, helmet of salvation and sword of the Spirit (word of God) are all important things to keep close by, but let’s face it – they are no fig leaves. 423 more words

2014-2015 Lectionary

Three basic needs for survival: Internet, WiFi and Computer!

Ever since I have entered the blogging world, this is the longest I have taken to post something on my blog. There was a lot I wanted to… 354 more words