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From Nature: "‘Half-pipe’ telescope will probe dark energy in teen Universe"


29 July 2015
Davide Castelvecchi

The CHIME telescope array will search for a particular kind of hydrogen emission from ancient galaxies.

It sounds almost too apt to be true. 933 more words

Basic Research

From NOVA: "What the Heck is a Pentaquark?"


28 Jul 2015

Don Lincoln

What do you get when you combine four quarks and an antiquark?

If you think this sounds like the opening of a particle physicists’ riddle, you aren’t too far off. 1,547 more words

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From ESO: "First Detection of Lithium from an Exploding Star"

European Southern Observatory

29 July 2015
Luca Izzo
Sapienza University of Rome/ICRANet
Pescara, Italy
Email: luca.izzo@gmail.com

Massimo Della Valle
INAF–Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonte
Naples, Italy… 1,161 more words

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From NYT: "The Singular Mind of Terry Tao'

The New York Times

JULY 24, 2015

A prodigy grows up to become one of the greatest mathematicians in the world.

This April, as undergraduates strolled along the street outside his modest office on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles, the mathematician Terence Tao mused about the possibility that water could spontaneously explode. 4,456 more words

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From EarthSky: "Tiny, but still densest known galaxies"


Jul 27, 2015
No Writer Credit

Two ultra-dense galaxies have been found, orbiting larger host galaxies. They might be the remnants of once normal galaxies that were swallowed by the host, a process that removed the fluffy outer parts of the systems, leaving the dense centers behind. 698 more words

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Even the early worm gets old: study unlocks a key to aging

A new study poses the question, ‘When does aging really begin?’ One glance in the mirror every morning is enough for me to know that regardless of where it begins I know where it’s going. 513 more words


From Symmetry: "Is this the only universe?"


July 28, 2015
Laura Dattaro

Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Ana Kova

Human history has been a journey toward insignificance.

As we’ve gained more knowledge, we’ve had our planet downgraded from the center of the universe to a chunk of rock orbiting an average star in a galaxy that is one among billions. 852 more words

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