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From BBC: "Lisa Pathfinder: 'Exquisite' gravity probe leaves UK"


28 February 2015
Jonathan Amos

The Lisa Pathfinder modules: The science satellite sits atop its propulsion unit. The Lisa Pathfinder contract represented a watershed for UK industry in space. 862 more words

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From Cornell: "Life 'not as we know it' possible on Saturn's moon Titan"

Cornell University

Feb. 27, 2015
Anne Ju

Graduate student James Stevenson, astronomer Jonathan Lunine and chemical engineer Paulette Clancy, with a Cassini image of Titan in the foreground of Saturn, and an azotosome, the theorized cell membrane on Titan. 877 more words

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From NOVA: "A Brief History of the Speed of Light"


27 Feb 2015
Jennifer Ouellette

One night over drinks at a conference in San Jose, Miles Padgett, a physicist at Glasgow University in Scotland, was chatting with a colleague about whether or not they could make light go slower than its “lawful” speed in a vacuum. 1,419 more words

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from NASA Wise: "Living on the Edge: Stars Found Far from Galaxy Center"


February 27, 2015
Whitney Clavin
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

Like early explorers mapping the continents of our globe, astronomers are busy charting the spiral structure of our galaxy, the Milky Way. 668 more words

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From BNL: "A New X-Ray Microscope for Nanoscale Imaging"

Brookhaven Lab

February 26, 2015
Chelsea Whyte

Yong Chu and Evgeny Nazaretski work in front of the new microscope they designed and installed at the Hard X-ray Nanoprobe beamline at NSLS-II. 696 more words

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From ARA: Under Construction

Askaryan Radio Array

The Askaryan Radio Array (ARA) is an extremely large neutrino detector under construction near the South Pole. ARA is designed to detect and measure high-energy neutrinos from space by observing the radio pulses they generate as they travel through the ice. 922 more words

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From SLAC: "SLAC Assumes a Leading Role for SuperCDMS SNOLAB"


February 26, 2015

Lab Will Fabricate, Integrate Detectors for Direct Dark Matter Search

The SuperCDMS experiment at Soudan Underground Laboratory uses five towers like the one shown here to search for dark matter particles. 734 more words

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