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Review: The Weatherman (Basic Space) ****

Taking on big issues can seem a daunting task. Why are you telling this story? Who should be speaking it? How do you tread the thin line between being pertinent and being preachy? 379 more words

Review: The Inevitable Disappearance of Edward J. Neverwhere ****

Edward J. Neverwhere is not real. But his story is. Exploring the power of memory, The Inevitable Disappearance of Edward J. Neverwhere immerses audiences in a world of pure imagination. 360 more words

Review: A Lost Art (Basic Space) ***

Letters capture a unique and single moment in time. A Lost Art takes these snapshots from the past and breathes new life into them. But not in speech: through dance. 322 more words

Review: Orwell's Voice (Basic Space) *****

The voice is a powerful tool. At its loudest, it can rouse and rally; in silence, it still speaks. In writing, it records the past, informs the present, and speaks to the future. 363 more words

Review: DRINKS *** (Basic Space)

Immersive theatre is continuing to grow in popularity over the last few years: audiences are invited into an expansive world, with a whole host of characters and experiences to be explored. 409 more words

Review: Glaucoma *** (Basic Space Festival)

There is a blindness…

A show which takes on one big issue faces a challenge. A show which takes on multiple issues, an even bigger one. 348 more words

Interview: Dom Riley (Quirk)

Basic Space is now underway, with just a few days left for Londoners to see site-sensitive theatre on their very doorstep. Quite literally actually, as the shows are taking over two Victorian houses in Peckham. 2,053 more words