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2017 - A New Year With Moving Forward, Not Resolutions.

Life moves.  Time happens.

Nothing we do can stop that.  What we do can cause the self to rotate in a small circle while life moves around us, time continues to flow, and it can feel as if we’re stuck. 755 more words

Basic Stuff

Analgesia In Labour TOG 2015

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Hope you all had a good time, spent time with your families and are now all set to tame this Beast! 88 more words

Basic Stuff

Basic Skills 6 – Modular Prototype Box

As I mentioned elsewhere, circuits on a breadboard sound different to circuits in enclosures for entirely scientific reasons that are beyond me and not very important at this point. 244 more words

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Basic Stuff 5 – Hook and Loop

So! You’ve tinned them wires like a champion, and now you have to attach them to a pot. This is my preferred method because it establishes a good solid physical connection before you solder.  61 more words

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Basic Stuff 4 – Twist and Tin

Getting them fiddly stranded wires through them pesky little holes in the PCB can be a right bugger.

Aye! Poking many tiny strands into that wee space is a proper nightmare. 346 more words

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Basic Stuff 3 – Hot Stuff Coming Through! (Soldering)

There’s not a great deal I can add to this I reckon. My soldering is fine, it’s not world class. It’ll certainly do for stompboxes, but NASA won’t be hiring me any time soon. 456 more words

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