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Though this was not occurring in October


The below was playing out of my computer last week when I returned to it after making dinner. 22 more words

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October is here again!

Well folks, it’s almost that time of year again! clobbering time!! Nah haha don’t be silly. It’s almost…HALLOWEEN! and with that comes a set of new postings for this entire month before we disappear into obscurity once again.  HA..HA…HA.

Basic Stuff

Appendicitis in Pregnancy TOG 2015

Hi all,

For those starting to revise for next year, here is a new cheatsheet on appendicitis in pregnancy.

Appendicitis in Pregnancy Cheatsheet

It is also available in the Obstetrics page. 9 more words

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Pretty, Shiny Things!

When I take breaks from yarn, I sometimes make pretty, shiny things!

Check them out in my shop!

Oh!  And I finally set up my adjustable dress form!  Isn’t it awesome?

Basic Stuff

Craft Office Progress!

So, I made some progress on the office late in the week.

It’s still very, VERY rough (don’t judge) seeing as I’m still pulling all my stuff out of the random hiding places around the house.   533 more words

Basic Stuff