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Endometrial Cancer Guideline 2017 - British Gynaecological Cancer Society

Dear all,

Here is a new cheatsheet with a lot of SBA type material with all the latest numbers relevant to the Exam.

Click here to get new cheatsheet… 56 more words

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Inherited Bleeding Disorders III - F11 & Platelets

Dear All,

Hope your preparations are in full swing, and you are clocking in every available minute!

Here is the last installment of this new mammoth guideline by the RCOG – this part covers Factor 11 and platelet disorders. 25 more words

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Inherited Bleeding Disorders Part II - vWD, RCOG 2017

Hello all,

Hope your revision is going on full speed. Time is of the essence now. Practice, practice, practice is what you need.

Here is the next instalment of this latest RCOG guideline. 30 more words

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Inherited Bleeding Disorders - Haemophilia, RCOG 2017

Hi All,

Hope your preparations are well under way. With little time to go, this is the phase where you need to step up your efforts. 84 more words

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Dear All,

We trust that revision is well underway and you are getting in to the swing of things!

Please find attached the link for a Cheatsheet on the RCOG guideline on PMS from December 2016. 100 more words

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Only so long ago, (ie January) I started my Neuro100 class with the wonderful Professor Wasserman as our guide. If there’s anything I’ve learn in these three months, it’s that everything we want to know and ever have known was because someone asked a question. 618 more words


Epilepsy in Pregnancy RCOG 2016

Dear All,

If you are planning to take MRCOG Part II in September, it is a good time to start.

Guidelines are the bread & butter for Exam questions. 111 more words

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