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Urinary incontinence NICE 2013

Hi all!

Hope the revision is going well.

Here is a cheatsheet on the NICE guideline on urinary incontinence. It has been a long time coming! 29 more words

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Thalassaemia in pregnancy

Hello all!

Hope revision is going well.

Please find below a cheatsheet on Thalassaemia in pregnancy based on the RCOG Guideline from 2014.

Keep up the good work! 7 more words

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Male Subfertility

Hello all,

Hope your revision is in full swing.

Please find the link to a cheatsheet on Male Subfertility. This is a hot topic with the College, for both EMQs as well as SBAs. 28 more words

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What is this guy going to write about?

My plan is to review a lot of albums. I’ll use the same 0-10 scale that another rival website that will no longer be named also uses. 417 more words

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Is that a terrible pun referencing a probably never to be released Drake album?

Yes it is, but that’s not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is to be a music blog for the average music listener. 321 more words

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Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy

Hello all,

Here is a cheatsheet on a vital topic that is favourite with the College. We will discuss it in detail if you are coming for the GEM Course, where you will also get a lot of practice with questions. 79 more words

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The Boys Will Play... Meat, meat, and more meat.

So, as some of you know, James and Kirk started a “stalker blog” as Kirk calls it.  We’ve (mostly they) have been cooking out of the Heritage Cookbook from Sean Brock and his current tenure with Husk here in Charleston, SC., and out in Nashville, TN. 400 more words

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