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Craft Office Progress!

So, I made some progress on the office late in the week.

It’s still very, VERY rough (don’t judge) seeing as I’m still pulling all my stuff out of the random hiding places around the house.   533 more words

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Ovarian Cancer NICE 2011

Hi all,

Hope you are all cracking on with the revision!

There have been a lot of requests to make a cheatsheet on Ovarian Cancer, so here it is! 40 more words

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Sickle Cell Disease

Hi all,

Hope you are cracking on with your revision!!

Here is some help – Sickle Cell Disease RCOG 2011, the link is below, or in the Obstetric page. 23 more words

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Yet Another Blog...

I am somewhat shocked that I’m making my third attempt at blogging. But for whatever reason it has been on my mind constantly as of late. 123 more words

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Anti D RCOG/BCHS Guideline 2015

Click here to find the cheatsheet!

Enjoy your revision!!

Please feedback if there any questions.

Please ‘Like’ if you want more!!

All the best,

GEM Team

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Thromboprophylaxis RCOG 2015

Hello all,

The College loves thromboprophylaxis. It has indeed had a significant impact in lowering maternal mortality in recent years which is a testament to its importance. 51 more words

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Epilepsy in Pregnancy

Click here to get the latest cheatsheet on Epilpesy in Pregnancy

All the best for the OSCEs for those who are appearing, and the same to all others!


Basic Stuff