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Anti D RCOG/BCHS Guideline 2015

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Thromboprophylaxis RCOG 2015

Hello all,

The College loves thromboprophylaxis. It has indeed had a significant impact in lowering maternal mortality in recent years which is a testament to its importance. 51 more words

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Epilepsy in Pregnancy

Click here to get the latest cheatsheet on Epilpesy in Pregnancy

All the best for the OSCEs for those who are appearing, and the same to all others!


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Potty Update Number 2

No pun this time!

So, we’ve made it through a naptime today, in panties, without an accident!

We did have a bit of a meltdown right before nap time, which was a good indication that she needed one.   129 more words

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Crochet Jewelry in the Making!

I’m pretty stoked.  I’m starting to make some headway on some new crochet pieces, combining my love for crochet with my original hobby-turned-business, jewelry.

Want to take a peek?   244 more words

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Potty Update Number 1

Pun intended!

So far, she’s doing pretty good.  She has only had two big accidents early on, but the rest have been very small before she says that she has to go.   78 more words

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The Dreaded Potty Training

It’s past “that time” for us.  We’ve been working on this on and off for about 18 months.  She just hasn’t really taken to it just yet. 223 more words

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