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cross species

we are a cross species. made in the image of God yet trying to make an image for ourselves

many current political trends have created some hard issues for christians. 294 more words

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Christmas is over

How did you just say that title in your mind? there are many different tones you can use. Christmas is OVER . some of you may say it like this- emphasizing “over” because you are so glad it is done. 218 more words

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Advent Christmas Eve's Eve

My daddy does this thing that I have adopted.  “happy day before the day before the day before you’re birthday”. This can begin at any point before the day itself. 382 more words
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Advent part 7 Joy

Light the prophets candle and the Bethlehem candle. Light the pink joy candle.

It seems as if the joy of Christmas time builds in anticipation until it finally climaxes on Dec 25. 639 more words

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Advent part 4

lets light the candle of prophecy and discuss double prophecies. These types of prophecies are prevalent throughout scripture. The prophets were given words from God that applied not only to specific situations about the current time or near future but also referred explicitly to Jesus. 403 more words

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