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Update: March!

March 5, 2015

Holy crap it is March already (and has been for 4 full days).  Wasn’t it just January like…yesterday?  I swear, as I get older, my perception of time is getting faster and faster.  189 more words



For over a decade, the red pepper was my enemy. My sister’s allergic, my mother, doesn’t like the taste and I just never thought to buy them. 386 more words


Intro to stock markets in India

A share is nothing but a part of ownership of company, which gives you the right to get the share of profits of the company in the form of annual dividends, and voting rights at annual meetings of the company where the shareholder acceptance is required. 397 more words


Peculiar Perception -- What's that about?

Peter writes that believers in Christ are, among other things, a “peculiar people.” That word, “peculiar,” means “different”, but has a connotation of oddness, too. In Romans 12, Paul writes, … 625 more words


Quick Tip: How to set Reading Goals

Hey guys!

So today I’ve been doing A LOT of reading, and I’m actually still not done…

Anyways I have figured out a cool way to get through my readings quicker and more efficiently. 437 more words


Going through Customs and Immigrations - Conversa na Alfândega e Imigração

Hey guys how are you?

People who travel to the USA for the first time may sometimes be a little bit anxious when it comes to going through Customs and Immigrations. 290 more words

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Japanese Adjectives Basics List - Describe Your World!

I’ve separated the list into the two types of adjectives that exist in Japanese. To see more information regarding these types and conjugation click here… 100 more words