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The Steel in the Wheels (12x9)

Looks like we have a week off, and this episode will air March 7th. 11 more words


What are legitimate emotional needs?

Gain a greater understanding of a person’s legitimate emotional needs


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Mark Cuban calls universal basic income 'one of the worst possible responses' to robot automation

Economists predict robotic automation and advances in artificial intelligence could lead to widespread job loss in the coming decades, but billionaire investor Mark Cuban doesn t think universal basic income (UBI) is the solution. 44 more words

Pic of the Day 2/22

These are the only Sully-related photos I choose to keep in my head canon. Carry on. :)


Spring Olive Pants

Colored pants can be a scary thing! I found a springy olive color at Old Navy (I wish they were a tiny bit lighter in color but give ’em a couple of washes and they’ll be there). 228 more words

The Fetch Closet

Faking It

Hey Heifer,

You are so fucking fake!

Like, everything about you. Everything. Not plastic fake, but your core. Your very being. There is nothing about you that has or ever will be real. 432 more words