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Smells Like Spring Spirit

Heeeeey I’ve done it again. Punny post titles. This is another band I really like, Nirvana. It’s a nice way for whoever reads my very basic blog to get a glimpse of my musical preferences. 93 more words


Read The Article About Learning Guitar That Experts Recommend

If you are inspired by the ability of a great guitarist, you are among a very large group of people. The guitar is capable of stunning sounds that inspire countless other musicians. 293 more words


Friday Fun: What's your starbucks name fail

How many times have you been standing there waiting for your mocha and they call out the wrong name? surprisingly I enjoy when its a slow Starbucks hour and they just call out the drink name. 77 more words


must have spices

Stock your spice cupboard with the essential basics. There are 11,452 spices in the grocery store aisle. But you need only 12 or so to make your dishes sing. 189 more words


Soft Boiled Quail's Eggs

I was feeling fancy the other week so when I spied quails eggs I grabbed them without any idea how to work them into my meal plan!   221 more words


Vegetable Quiche

Quiche’s are one of my favourite vegetarian meals. Served up with funky salad on the side or even as a side to some roasted chicken, Quiche are a delicious and a great way to get a bunch of sneaky vegetables into your meal.  374 more words