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Update on level loading for Grenade!

I’ve completed most of the level loading code for Grenade now, so the Android version can use the PC versions level files, the below screenshot shows the current state. 221 more words

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Mid April update on Android conversion of Grenade!

Okay, time for a quick update on the early work on this PC to Android conversion.

I’ve written a task list as shown below to follow in order to convert my game. 617 more words

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Plans for 2016

This is a quick post to say where I’ve been and what my plans are for 2016

I’ve been focused on my day job and family for the last year and therefore have not been doing much games development. 85 more words

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Membuat Multi Panel Sederhana

FYI: I made this video¬†when I had free time, whilst recording I played my playlist songs. I didn’t know if it’s recorded onto the video.

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New Game tutorial series incoming soon!!!!

Here’s a teaser video for the game the new tutorial series shows you how to make, using LibGDX and B4A. Look out for more in the following weeks….

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