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For someone making monthly contributions to brokerage accounts, does it make sense to compare performance to SP500 or a Dollar cost averaging strategy ?

So, I am a salaried individual whose strategy is to transfer a fixed amount from my monthly salary into my brokerage account and then buy individual stocks whenever my stock analysis says so. 211 more words


10-year bond question

A canadian 10 year bond has 40 days left to maturity is paying a 4.25% coupon. Why is this the case? Do near expiring bonds like this always pay a high rate like this? 11 more words


Railroad Industry Primer

Would anyone happen to have a railroad industry primer? Looking to learn and dig into the sector to add some exposure to rails. Cheers!

Submitted April 19, 2018 at 07:34AM by astearns31
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Is CRISPR $CRSP good for the long run?

I am new to trading, but trying to learn. Crispr is rather new and the volatility is high.

If one was to invest in this stock, what would be the best approach? 11 more words


[$HMNY] hello darkness my old friend

I've come to hold the bag again [-40% on new PO this AM]

Submitted April 19, 2018 at 08:49AM by prgkmr
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Investing in fidelity mutual fund - invest and forget

I have some spare cash that is just sitting idle that I'd like to invest and I was looking at the returns for Fidelity® Growth Company Fund. 38 more words


Bonds got terminated by emitter. Do I still get the interest rate paid out?

So I got some Deutsche Bank bonds with interest payment day on 15.05. but the emitter has the right to cancel the bond on that day too, which they did. 36 more words