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Question about Think or Swim Options Scan

Im looking for whatever the filter would be to only show me option strike prices (puts or calls) that are within say 10% of the current stock price? 18 more words


ThinkOrSwim - Custom ThinkScript to Scan for Stocks with an "X"-length moving average that is greater than the "Y"-length moving average

Pretty basic questions (I think), but I've read through a bunch of ThinkScript wikis and stuff and still can't figure out how to get this to work. 47 more words


UWTI and DWTI Delisted as of 12/08

I wanted to post this for informational purposes – these two ETFs are being delisted by Credit Suisse as of yesterday (December 8th). I'm sure that most of the people who have these products check them daily, but if not you may want to consider the ramifications of holding onto the asset or at least figure out how you can sell if via a dealer network instead of an exchange when you are ready. 11 more words


Informative reading recommendations

What material do you recommend for learning about trading and the market? Preferably not some long drawn out boring stuff for experts. Is there anything informative that is tailored toward a novice on trading strategy and explanation? 11 more words


Robinhood instant???

After seeing I need to wait 3 days to transfer to my bank I saw Robinhood Instant is a way around this and is free. I don't have time to read on it right now cause I'm about to get my hair cut. 37 more words


Fukushima Estimated Clean Up Costs Double $TKECF

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) said on Friday it has nearly doubled its projections for costs related to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, including decommissioning and compensation, to 21.5 trillion yen ($188.40 billion).

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