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ETF Overlap?

I hold several ETFs in my portfolio and have recently read that VOO and SPY are similar and that it would be better to move the funds from SPY to VOO. 54 more words


What’s going on with SO?

In the past everyone on here has promoted SO as a smooth long term hold with great dividends.

Looking at the past two years it’s been on a significant decline. 44 more words


Which company's would benefit the most from Trump's space force?

As Trump's announced he wants to start a space force as a sixt arm of defence, which company's would benefit from a future where several countries invest in this space? 12 more words


Sowing seeds, growing a garden

I’ve been ordering seeds lately, which is a bit unusual for me this late in the year. This is mainly because I usually buy what I think I need at the annual Seedy Sunday event in Brighton in February and then do most of my sowing as early as I can get away with. 920 more words


$BA worth investing for long term at the moment?

Will Trumps tariffs affect the price now?

Submitted June 19, 2018 at 07:56AM by NewSchoolerzz
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Real Estate Private Placement Investing: What's your experience and opinion?

Hi All,

I've been investing in and sponsoring private placement real estate deals over the past 5 years and I want to know what you think about this type of investing. 251 more words