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Mum bought me a pasta machine for my birthday this year, (so stoked!). I’ve been using it extensively to make egg pasta and plain wheat noodles. 438 more words


Easy Vegan Vegetable Broth

Broth is used as a base for so many of my recipes so I decided to share my personal favourite ingredients for a delicious vegan broth with you. 94 more words


Homemade ghee

This is an easy recipe which shows you how to make your very own ghee from scratch. You only need one ingredient (butter) and a few tools to do the job. 243 more words

Hints & Tips


I recently discovered the chili plant is actually a tomato plant and is bearing tiny tomatoes.

Its a labeling mistake, which led me to believe it was a chili plant, but after the plant started bearing fruits, it was easily understandable that i had mistake as tomato started growing on them.

Well beginner’s mistake.


10 College Wardrobe Essentials And Ways To Style Them

Are you someone that’s constantly shopping wihtout being able to actually nail it? Here are 10 essentials for the most efficient College wardrobe. These basic pieces are going to help you build a wardrobe. 61 more words


American History: From Emancipation to the Present

This is Professor Jonathan Holloway of Yale University teaching a course that follows African-Americans from Emancipation through Reconstruction to the Civil Rights Movement and to the present. 14 more words


How to make Stock

“So what in the heck is the difference between stock and broth”, you ask? Let’s see the definition given by the Oxford dictionary for both words. 413 more words