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5 Reasons Sherlock Fans Should Watch The Basil Rathbone Films

Sherlock fans know that there are hundreds of interpretations of the Baker Street sleuth to enjoy while they count down the days to Series Four and enjoy… 552 more words


Madhouse (1974)

Horror film legend Vincent Price himself, plays a horror film legend in this distorted thriller that served as a co-production from both Amicus and AIP. Along with Hammer Studios, AIP and Amicus were the leading innovators of on screen horror at the time of this film’s production. 683 more words

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The Scarlet Claw (1944)

For many this is the best of the Holmes and Watson films made by Universal. It is certainly the most successful as a whodunit and possibly the darkest too. 796 more words

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The Black Cat (1941) | This vintage horror whodunit is a nostalgic laugh riot

There’s something wrong in the house of Winslow
Wealthy eccentric Henrietta Winslow (Cecilia Loftus) loves her cats more than anything or anyone, and when it comes to the reading of her own will, Henrietta discovers ‘she has more relatives hanging around her than a dead sheep has surrounded by vultures’, so remarks antique dealer Mr Penny (Hugh Herbert) when he accompanies estate agent Gil Smith (Broderick Crawford) to Henrietta’s crumbling mansion to take inventory of her estate. 367 more words


The Black Sleep (1956)

I would think that if this mad doctor tale had been filmed in the heart of the horror run of the late thirties and early forties by Universal Studios, then history would recall this star studded tale with more affection. 743 more words

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Top 25 Films Starring Basil Rathbone

I have done a list like this for Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. I am working my way through all of the legends of classic horror. 224 more words


Queen of Blood (1966)

Is it possible that this Corman produced thriller via writer/director Curtis Harrington was inspired by 1958’s It! The Terror From Beyond Space and in turn inspired Ridley Scott’s Alien in the decade that followed? 702 more words

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