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Thanks for the help...NOT!

We helped our friends at Basildon & Southend Housing Action with their community clean up on the Nursery Gardens estate today. Had Basildon Council been more helpful in explaining their rubbish collection policy to residents, more efficient in implementing it and shown some leeway by not charging poor households who are in financial crisis £20 to remove bulky items, the emphasis of the clean up would have leaned more towards the gardening side of things as opposed to trash clearance. 396 more words


Dear Castle Point Council, "Get Stuffed!" Yours Sincerely Basildon Council.

The Echo newspaper’s Matthew Porter published an article in Wednesday 29th June’s edition suggesting that Basildon Council were to submit an “unhelpful” response submission to the Castle Point Council’s Local Plan 2016 Consultation. 3,628 more words

New Local Plan

Everything changes but nothing changes

The EU referendum last Thursday and the vote for Brexit will usher in an era of profound changes. Whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on where you placed your cross on the ballot paper. 213 more words


Ban dangerous herbicides in Basildon

Why we need to take control of maintenance in our public areas because the council cannot be trusted to do the right thing…

To: Basildon Borough Council & Thurrock Council… 135 more words


Time to grow up...

Here are some stories from last week about the first council meetings at Thurrock and Basildon after the recent local elections…

Conservatives seize power at Thurrock Council after knife-edge vote with Ukip… 155 more words


Careerist councillors

A by-election for an Essex County Councillor to the Laindon Park and Fryerns division will be taking place on Thursday June 9th – this follows the passing away of Councillor Bill Archibald who represented that division. 470 more words


Blocked by Linda Allport-Hodge

We were checking our South Essex Heckler Twitter feed this morning and noticed we had one less person in the list of people we follow. We did a check and found that Linda Allport-Hodge, the leader of the UKIP group on Basildon Council has blocked us from viewing and responding to her Tweets. 471 more words