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The deliberate neglect of Brooke House

Brooke House is the iconic looking tower block right in the middle of Basildon town centre. While it may look iconic from the outside (and from a distance), when you get inside, it’s a different, considerably grimmer story altogether as you can see from the images above… 323 more words


A lifeline faces the axe

The Basildon based Disability Information & Advice Line (DIAL)http://dialbasildon.co.uk/index.php?id=1 – faces closure on 21st April as a result of its funding being cut. One of the services offered by DIAL was to help disabled people appeal against Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) assessments wrongly declaring them fit for work. 519 more words


St. Martin's Square, Basildon – what (if anything) is happening?

Photo from GAG2011

In a previous piece, we wrote about the complex development chain that starts with a development of executive style homes at Dry Street, part of which will be on the site currently occupied by the Basildon campus of South Essex College which is scheduled to be moved to the site currently occupied by Basildon Market which is being moved to St. 292 more words


Blinking "Ell, Green Belt to suffer? Castle Point Council miss out Again on Government Hand Out!

DCLG have announced a short list of areas in which support is to be given to develop Garden Villages.

“The first ever garden villages, which have the potential to deliver more than 48,000 homes across England, have been given government backing.”

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New Local Plan

The Gloves are Off, the Duty to Cooperate works both Ways! Castle Point - Thames Gateway!

“Seconds Out – Round 1” – Would have been an appropriate opening introduction to the Castle Point examination into their Local Plan Duty to Cooperate process. 672 more words

New Local Plan

Castle Point council's Lack of Cooperation-Blame the Councillors! Updated

With “friends” like those local authorities neighbouring Castle Point, one may be tempted to question, who needs enemies?

Each authority responding to the Castle Point Local Plan2016 examining Inspector does so, critically. 2,142 more words

New Local Plan

Dear Castle Point Council, "Get Stuffed!" Yours Sincerely Basildon Council.

The Echo newspaper’s Matthew Porter published an article in Wednesday 29th June’s edition suggesting that Basildon Council were to submit an “unhelpful” response submission to the Castle Point Council’s Local Plan 2016 Consultation. 3,628 more words

New Local Plan