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Is Basildon being gentrified? Draw your own conclusions

In our previous post: Basildon Council allowing the destruction of trees at Dry Streethttps://thebasildonranter.wordpress.com/2017/03/10/basildon-council-allowing-the-destruction-of-trees-at-dry-street/ we discussed the project of socially engineering Basildon in a bid to turn it into a Tory voting commuter suburb. 209 more words


Basildon Council allowing the destruction of trees at Dry Street

As a half mile stretch of Dry Street has been closed for widening works to cope with the extra traffic from what will eventually be a 725 home development, a new access road is having to be built so potential buyers can get to the sales centre. 424 more words


A toxic breakdown of trust

The use of body cameras by enforcement agencies contracted to carry out duties on behalf of Basildon Council has given rise to concerns about snooping: … 501 more words


Your views don't matter when money is involved

The circular car park outside Trafford House in Basildon town centre has been sold at auction for £725,000. The land the car park is sited on was owned by the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA). 425 more words


How to get a potential development site into the Local Plan

We would like to apologise for using this link from the Daily Mail about the future of the Dale Farm site to the north of Basildon, but it does raise some interesting points: … 413 more words


Dale Farm - handy for Basildon Council to have as a development option

It seems that Basildon Council are keeping their options open as to whether the Dale Farm site gets included in its draft local plan as a site for housing development: … 273 more words


Blinking "Ell, Green Belt to suffer? Castle Point Council miss out Again on Government Hand Out!

DCLG have announced a short list of areas in which support is to be given to develop Garden Villages.

“The first ever garden villages, which have the potential to deliver more than 48,000 homes across England, have been given government backing.”

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New Local Plan