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2016 NBA Draft!

The 2016 NBA Draft was a fantastic night for the Ground Zero Training family yielding huge success. Five players were drafted by NBA teams and multiple players signed contracts with NBA teams immediately following the NBA Draft. 86 more words

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Is AAU Basketball Good or Bad?

3 Pros and Cons for the effectiveness and consequences of playing AAU basketball.

Many many years ago, there was only one way to get recruited to play college basketball-believe it or not. 909 more words


5 Easy Signs That You Are A Good Basketball Player

5 Clear Cut Ways To Tell If You Might Be A Good Basketball Player.   

In today’s game, being a good basketball player means you possess certain qualities that help influence the outcome of each game in a positive manner.   732 more words


Horror Movies - Don't Go In There! Why You Should Go In There

For Don. Dedicated to the doers, makers & shapers.

Bad Form Happens. Your Body Needs a Backup Plan.  Martial Arts & TRX deep core moves – for when you’re in it deep. 5,582 more words

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Nutrition: Strawberry-Banana Chocolate Protein Shake

Why spend $6 on an overpriced protein shake when you can make the same thing at home for less than half the price?

Here’s a simple recipe for a post workout strawberry-banana chocolate protein shake: 13 more words


Improve Your Dribbling in the Paint With These Ball Handling Drills

Improve Your Dribbling in the Paint With These Ball Handling Drills

In the past, basketball dribbling drills were practiced separately from sports performance training. However, we have found ways to increase ball handling skill through those drills while also increasing explosive movements needed to accelerate past a defender. 36 more words

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Chris Head X The Rise of The Phoenix

Product of Society proudly presents to you Hampton University graduate, Chris Head. A native of Oakland, CA the documentary details Chris’ life on & off the basketball court as he strives daily to achieve his goal of one day playing basketball at the professional level. 80 more words