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New year, new work

Time to start a new project. I’m taking part in North Fife Open Studios this year, doing a ‘mini-residency’ at the Centre for Stewardship Falkland over the weekend of 29th April to 1st May. 259 more words


Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.  – Romans 12:10

There are two kinds of people – and I’ve known and loved both kinds. 

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Lucinda Berry Hill

I woke up thinking about wool, too.

Her and my mother discussing when they’re going to sort their wool baskets out. They got so excited by the idea of organising it all they both woke up thinking about it!

What's a Whatnot?

“What’s a Whatnot?” This was the question of my 10 year old son. My response… it’s a whosit, a whatsit, a thingamabob…. 😃

No, but really, Whatnots is the product of a vision that my sister in law and I have had in our hearts and minds for years. 76 more words


More Food For The Flesh

Not long afterward another large crowd came & stayed with Jesus out in the countryside (94).

After three days, Jesus called his chosen witnesses to him and said, “I’m concerned about these people.   180 more words

Best buy - winter toned baskets

The first snowfall here in a couple of years and the countryside has ground to a halt, with winter making its presence felt once more both indoors and out. 56 more words