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Can I Have All 32 Flavors?

Icecream is an absolute guilty pleasure of mine. I simply can’t get enough of it. Bring home one of those medium cartons from the store and whatever the flavor or brand I will be opening and reopening that freezer, scooping out spoonfuls of mint, vanilla, rocky road, and other delicious flavors until someone in the other room says, “If you’re so hungry, get a bowl!” 609 more words

Daily Prompt

Does 'Free' Taste Better?

Recently McDonald’s decided to celebrate National Breakfast Day, with zero regard to the fact that celebrating it in the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific really made it international rather than national. 339 more words


Week 2 #31weeksofbaskinrobbbins

Yeeiiyy!! Lanjutan kisah dari post ini.

Minggu kedua project #31weeksofbaskinrobbins 😊 hari ini, kita beli eS grim BR di Mall Teraskota. Kita cobain yang rasaaa : cookies and creammmm 🎉🎉 93 more words

A Weekend in Gumi with Friends

So this weekend an ETA from Sejong came out to visit me. We met up downtown with Rachel, who’s my other ETA friend from Seonsan. We ate lunch and dinner downtown, and went shopping and watched a movie. 1,160 more words

The Grant Year